Reading Keats

well to­day i am work­ing for the ma­jor­i­ty of the day in com­put­er labs get­ting in my hours for the week since i haven’t done any­thing yet. its not so bad re­al­ly, but with the weath­er the way it is, i could use any ex­cuse to go out­side. i was fid­dly­fartin around on the net and i dis­cov­ered my friend NeaL’s blog­ger. i just sent him an in­stant mes­sage ask­ing if he wants me to link to him or not. i think my short sto­ry is go­ing to turn in­to a stream of con­scious­ness imag­in­ing of some drug pol­lut­ed 1984 crossed with Bladerunner. hel­li­fi­know.

i’ve been read­ing a lit­tle Keats late­ly. i like his po­et­ry, he seems to have had a very ethe­re­al idea of how to ex­press the world, every­thing is full of clas­si­cal mythol­o­gy but seems more per­son­al, like he ac­tu­al­ly knows who these peo­ple are and meets with them for tea (or wine if it is Bacchus) now and again. it makes me won­der if what in­flu­ences are sub­con­scious­ly present in my writ­ings. eecum­mings for sure, but i al­so think that Keats is there some­where, as are MoLG and David Bowie. i don’t think i ac­tu­al­ly try to write like they do, but it ap­pears any­way. am i go­ing to end up as a writer? i think it just might be a hobby…but i don’t know. i should ask some­one in the eng­lish dept to help me out.