Reading Keats

well today i am working for the majority of the day in computer labs getting in my hours for the week since i haven’t done anything yet. its not so bad really, but with the weather the way it is, i could use any excuse to go outside. i was fiddlyfartin around on the net and i discovered my friend NeaL’s blogger. i just sent him an instant message asking if he wants me to link to him or not. i think my short story is going to turn into a stream of consciousness imagining of some drug polluted 1984 crossed with Bladerunner. hellifiknow.

i’ve been reading a little Keats lately. i like his poetry, he seems to have had a very ethereal idea of how to express the world, everything is full of classical mythology but seems more personal, like he actually knows who these people are and meets with them for tea (or wine if it is Bacchus) now and again. it makes me wonder if what influences are subconsciously present in my writings. eecummings for sure, but i also think that Keats is there somewhere, as are MoLG and David Bowie. i don’t think i actually try to write like they do, but it appears anyway. am i going to end up as a writer? i think it just might be a hobby…but i don’t know. i should ask someone in the english dept to help me out.