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5.31.02 EXT. NORTH QUAD 8:50am DAY if i were to go to a sanitarium and commit myself into their care for no reason except that i ‘felt like it’ would they take me? the only abnormality i would have would be my desire to commit myself to a sanitarium. i’m not crazy. but then again […]

A Clockwork Orange

5.30.02 INT. NIEUWLAND SCIENCE BUILDING 2:14pm DAY it took awhile to get used to the malenky slovos in A Clockwork Orange but once i got it through my gulliver to understand what it meant to go out with your droogies and use your rooker in order to tolchock some grahzny veck and smeck about while […]


5.29.02 INT. HESBURGH COMPUTER CLUSTER 10:08am DAY more goofing around on my blog. i might download this program called moveable type. it is free and supposedly will make my page a little more organized. i also did a little research into my spirit guide, but there is very little on the net about jakalopes. although […]

Two Girls

5.28.02 EXT. NORTH QUAD 4-6pm yesterDAY yesterday was surprisingly enjoyable. i went and lay out in the sun for a couple of hours and when i woke up there was a pretty girl laying about ten feet away from me. SHE struck up a conversation with ME! then later on i was playing frisbee golf […]

How to Kill a Crayon

5.27.02 INT. 450 SIEGFRIED, ADAM’S BED, THE ASSCRACK OF DAWN i woke up last night hanging halfway out of my bed (headfirst) with my eyes stuck together with gunk and my tongue fused to the roof of my mouth since all moisture in my mouth had evaporated. i had been having a normal dream in […]

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

5.26.02 EXT. MOD QUAD. 6:03pm DAY i think the extreme conservatism here at Notre Dame has made more of a liberal out of me. the hypocrisy, bureaucracy, and oppressive nature of ‘tradition’ that i am constantly faced with has slowly forced me from my rather apolitical fencesitting into a slightly more radical stance where i […]

Applied Philosophy

5.25.02 INT. HESBURGH COMPUTER CLUSTER KIOSK 1:42pm DAY i know why i like anthropology so much. i think i have finally understood the holism of anthropology. anthropology is applied philosophy. i’ve read so many things that describe types of behavior and discussions of what defines reality, etc that seem totally unaware that anthropologists deal with […]

Hani and Haggai

5.23.02 INT. FITZPATRICK ENGINEERING CLUSTER 1:30pm DAY today i worked with a Palestinian and an Israeli; Hani and Haggai respectively. they got along fine, speaking arabic and joking around. if they can do it why can’t all of the others? fighting for your beliefs is one thing, fighting another person because of their beliefs is […]

Episode 2

5.22.02 INT. SHOWPLACE 16 8:00pm NIGHT i just watched episode 2. george lucas has never been an actor’s director so i can excuse the instances of bad acting except for the extra parmesan in the love dialogue, he should have at least had the sense to nix that. the three zooms were totally unacceptable and […]

Day on the Job

5.21.02 INT. SIEGFRIED HALL RM 450 7:01pm DAY well i’ve changed the damn thing again. hopefully i also solved the problem with the way it looks on macs and lesser versions of explorer. have i? do tell. anyway, i spent the day moving unix engineering computers made by Sun Microsystems across campus. those bastards are […]

Concerts and Catchup

5.20.02 INT. SIEGFRIED HALL RM 450 9:44pm NIGHT i’ve got a lot to talk about. home was good, i stayed just long enough but didn’t see a whole lot of mom which i know she doesn’t like. bo and kerris place in chicago was pretty nice as well, the q101 jamboree wasn’t very fun. the […]

The Road Home

5.9.02 INT. KEOUGH HALL RM 435 1:00pm DAY all of the marmosets are gone, and so am i. this won’t be updated until i am back on the 20th. for those of you who want to know, here is my summer reading list as it stands now (feel free to add to it). fritz leiber; […]

Ready to Go

5.8.02 INT. KEOUGH HALL RM. 435 2:03pm DAY mostly packed and ready to get the hell out of south bend for a few days. i hope i can fit everything into my car, but i’m not too worried. this summer will be used to heal the damage that this year has done to me, both […]

Reason #7004

5.7.02 INT. KEOUGH HALL RM. 435 10:19am DAY reason #7004 why my roommate is a piece of shit and his girlfriend is a worthless ho: i am asleep. they come into the room, climb up into his loft, eat lunch and carry on like nothing, then go to sleep. who in the hell does that? […]

Dead Animal

5.6.02 INT. DEBARTOLO HALL RM. 316 9:43am DAY there is a reason i smell like a dead animal. marmoset body count: four new film link: curious today i am rancid

Just Say No to Porno

5.5.02 INT. KEOUGH HALL RM. 435. 10:19am DAY a few more days and i will never have to put up with my roommate and his apelike behavior ever again! just say no to porno. in other news happy cinco de mayo! i have completed (pretty much) 3/5 of my finals and am studying for the […]


5.4.02 INT. KEOUGH HALL RM 435. 11:25am DAY not much to say today. saw spiderman last night. my theory as a film major is that any movie based on a comic book that reminds you of the comic book and runs like a comic book is a good movie for those very reasons. it seems […]

Rally Behavior

today marks the beginning of my finals week rally behavior. no shaving, minimum grooming, only necessary washing. i’ll be wearing the same clothes until i go home on the 9th. disgusting i know. there is a reason. it makes marmoset hunting much easier. the pygmy marmoset is the tangible form that all things stressful in […]


5.2.02 INT. LAFORTUNE STUDENT UNION COMPUTER CLUSTER. 2:41pm DAY yeah so i’m typing this paper on the rhetorics of self-making. i’m talking about agency, use-value of autonomy versus relationality, and the intrinsic unnatural, variant and dynamic nature of selfhood. i even understand most of what i am talking about. the postmodern is alive in my […]

End of the Year Banquet

5.1.02 INT. BRUNO’S PIZZERIA. 8:30pm NIGHT the banquet closing out the year for the fencing team was full of goodbyes, many seniors and our head coach will not be returning to the gym next year. a year from now i will be in the same position, standing up to give my farewell speech in front […]