End of the Year Banquet


the banquet closing out the year for the fencing team was full of goodbyes, many seniors and our head coach will not be returning to the gym next year. a year from now i will be in the same position, standing up to give my farewell speech in front of the team that has been the only truly great thing that i have experienced while being here. Notre Dame might be full of hypocrisy, but at least in the fencing gym i can feel the pride and camaraderie that is supposed to be felt everywhere. i’m going to miss these guys. the awards presented were given to the exact right people as always, and the gifts given to yves our coach were very nice. in a side note, i had this exquisite dessert called ‘spimoni’ (sp?) and i think the waitress was hitting on me.


then we went to mccormick’s (the ‘INT’ stand for ‘interior,’ mother) and drank with the seniors, played some pool, and basically had a last good time together as a the 2k1-​2k2 ND fencing team. we’ve got some damn attractive girls on the team, and some mean pool players as well. watching game after game and rack after rack (not bosoms, perverts) through the smoky room i am constantly impressed with how much i suck at pool. i had my standard V&T (vodka and tonic) and enjoyed the evening.