Rally Behavior

today marks the begin­ning of my finals week ral­ly behav­ior. no shav­ing, min­i­mum groom­ing, only nec­es­sary wash­ing. i’ll be wear­ing the same clothes until i go home on the 9th. dis­gust­ing i know. there is a rea­son. it makes mar­moset hunt­ing much eas­i­er. the pygmy mar­moset is the tan­gi­ble form that all things stress­ful in my life take with me. so around finals time they have been breed­ing all semes­ter and now coor­di­nate an all out offen­sive for my soul. i must bend all of my psy­chic ener­gies to defeat­ing them and keep­ing their nefar­i­ous plan to over­throw the uni­verse at bay. this semes­ter i have an ally: the Notre Dame squir­rel. since i have made friends with them they have agreed to act as my infantry. i like ami­nals (*twitch twitch*)

today i am clean