Reason #7004

5.7.02 INT. KEOUGH HALL RM. 435 10:19am DAY

rea­son #7004 why my room­mate is a piece of shit and his girl­friend is a worth­less ho: i am asleep. they come into the room, climb up into his loft, eat lunch and car­ry on like noth­ing, then go to sleep. who in the hell does that? espe­cial­ly when some­one is asleep. eat­ing lunch in bed with your girl­friend and laugh­ing and crunch­ing paper bags while i am try­ing to sleep. fuck­ers. at ten in the morn­ing! the only rea­son i can think of to do such a thing is that it is done on pur­pose in order to piss me off. they should both be drawn and quar­tered over a slow fire while being beat­en with net­tles. then the chunks can be mar­i­nat­ed and fed to pigs. only two more days with the lit­tle hairy dip­shit.

today i am scro­fu­lous