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Eclectic Dorm Rant

i live with the most eclectic gathering of people. for the summer this dorm contains the Notre Dame football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, and track teams. however only one person in my hallway is from one of these teams, the other thirty-so people in my section are biblethumpers. i am not kidding when i […]


hoo-ray for the weekend. alas for the demise of hunter-gatherers. if i were a nomadic hunter gatherer from one thousand years ago i would only have to work about two hours a day to supply myself with everything needed for survival. this is documented. (best i could find given 5 mins searching.) the risks of […]

Blah Blah Blah, Yakkity

right before i came into work i was sitting outside enjoying the day and watching two girls who were asleep on the quad out in all that sunshine. well hell, i got inspired and wrote a poem on the spot. i was planning on taking it over to them and just leaving it once i […]


i just found out that my 85 year old great uncle was Murdered. they found him in his garage with multiple stab wounds to the neck. Murdered. 85. what reason is there to Murder and 85 year old man. reason doesn’t enter into the equation, causing the problem. if the Murderer had reasoned (a socially […]

Addicted to Weblogs

signs you are addicted to weblogging. 1. your weblog is the startup page on your internet browser 2. you spend more time reading weblogs than doing work 3. you make lists about weblog addiction 4. when you meet friends who also blog, you talk about your respective weblogs with them (very nerdy) 5. you use […]

Scared Shitless

i’m not afraid to admit it. i am scared shitless that every time i walk into the fencing gym i am going to dislocate my kneecap again. with just reason too. since the connective tissue holding it in place is pretty much shot, i have to rely on muscle strength alone to keep it in […]

Phil’s 21st

well, watching my buddy Phil get wasted with the whole cross-country/track gang from the high school on his 21st birthday was fun. even the point when he yarfed all over my car. sure it was gross but it is only a once in a lifetime experience. i was rather silly myself. then yesterday i did […]

Recent Books

random post today. books i have read recently: Charles Bukowski, The Last Night of the Earth Poems; Henry David Thoreau, Walden;George Orwell, Animal Farm;Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, Good Omens; and i am beginning Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. the only one i didn’t particularly care for was Animal Farm because it is just a […]

Computer Lab Cogitations

one of the worst things about working in a mindless job in which you don’t actually DO anything is that you get to the point where you think too much. you begin to doubt yourself and question it all. in fact this is the seminal sign of insanity. a mere atomic particle of imbalance that […]

Absurdity and Sprinklers

albert camus had a pretty damn good idea about what it was to be human. his belief that our lives are mere absurdity makes alot of sense. bad things happen, yes but when you think about them not in just the mundane journal entry analysation but instead you grit your teeth and stare at the […]

Brain Jam

there are times when i sit in a stupor at one of my mindless collegiate sources of employment and think about communication. i think much better than i speak. oftimes i will think of a very well formed idea and then when i attempt to put it down i’m like charlie brown trying to write […]

Redesign as Self-definition

this whole farce, redesigning, tweaking, nudging, calling upon various obscure and eldritch powers to give my blog some semblence of coherence is nothing more than a visual manifestation of my errant questing in search of another selfdefinition. id like to think it is helping, but honestly i have not a clue. in my struggle to […]


last night i treed a raccoon. then i climbed the tree after it. then i barked at it. then i went to bed.

Southern Accent

last night i was working my shift behind the desk in McGlinn and a pretty girl comes and needs let back into her room because she locked herself out. she was from leesburg, georgia and had a great southern accent that knocked my socks off. i unlocked her door and showed her how to keep […]

Staring at Women Day

6.12.02 here i am in the Mendoza College of Business Computer Cluster, surrounded by attractive women (no i’m not kidding) and i am totally socially impotent. all i can do is look. i have no guts, testicles, huevos, balls, whatever. even if i do go up to one and ask her, rejection by her means […]

Bitch Session

6.11.02 downloading bitch session…. …. …. i keep losing sight of why i do this. i keep trying to do it for you whoever the hell you are, when in fact it is me who needs this place. i try to fulfill what i think your expectations of me could be. i shouldn’t do this; […]

Goddamn Rap-Metal

6.10.02 LATE NIGHT UPDATE: 11:27pm i am sick and tired of angstridden its the world against me bad parent blaming venom filled pseudo intensive kill you all rap metal. while listening to the radio on my shift i decided to listen to the Bear (contemporary rock) instead of WAOR (classic rock). bad decision. after three […]

5 Loads of Laundry

6.9.02 EXT. NORTH QUAD 1:00pm DAY 4 more hours of drudgery in the lafo computer cluster resulted in two things 1) i realized i am a mere pawn in a cosmic game of screw-the-dealer euchre 2) a new icon for verbal impotence. then i went into the glorious outdoors and lay around shirtless for awhile […]


6.8.02 INT. COBA 3:45pm DAY mom has assigned me to come up with three things that i like about ND. here they are: the education, the fencing team, the squirrels. easy enough. i spent the whole damn day inside in the basement of lafortune. it is a perfect day for being out in the sun. […]

Idiosyncratic Desk Shift

6.7.02 INT. MCGLINN HALL CLERK DESK 12:34am NIGHT the proper word to describe my desk shift last night is idiosyncratic. the class of 1962 is staying in McGlinn this weekend. in 1962 Notre Dame was still an all male school. throughout my four hour shift i heard a steady stream of ‘back in my day’ […]

Book Review Soup

6.6.02 INT. VARIOUS COMPUTER CLUSTERS 9am-7pm DAY i have neglected a discussion of On the Road and here i am finished with 1984 and starting Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut. Kerouac influence and that of the beat movement on my present understanding of popular culture came through with full force. however the bohemian lifestyle is […]


6.5.02 INT. BOND HALL PC 28 7:23pm NIGHT i am such a pirate. but i really like the way my page looks now. i’ll admit it, i stole some of the code, but it took me a helluva long time to debug the bugger. it actually looks professional now. now i just have to make […]

Character Sketch

6.3.02 INT. 450 SIEGFRIED HALL 1:05pm DAY to ensure my continuing nerdiness here is what my character sketch would be like if i lived in a fantasy world (apart from the one i am in currently) name: Herin (but known to most as Erandir) race: elf job: mid-level mage, user of blue magic (magic used […]

First Shift in Knott

6.1.02 INT. SIEGFRIED HALL RM 450 9:10am DAY today i work my first shift as a hall clerk in Knott Hall from 1-8 i expect to be bored out of my mind. in other news i am going to order tix to see my idol David Bowie this august in chicago, it is going to […]