5 Loads of Laundry

6.9.02 EXT. NORTH QUAD 1:00pm DAY

4 more hours of drudgery in the lafo computer cluster resulted in two things 1) i realized i am a mere pawn in a cosmic game of screw-the-dealer euchre 2) a new icon for verbal impotence. then i went into the glorious outdoors and lay around shirtless for awhile absorbing free radicals in an attempt to speed up my mutation process and grow a third eye. (everyone else thought i was just getting a tan, little do they know my plans for them). then i did 5 loads of laundry and wrote a poem outside while the machines were removing the oils, excretions, hairs, dead skin and various other offal from my clothing. i even washed the appropriated coat.

in other news, my quest to Rule the World by Domination Through Squirrels infomercial has been met with less than enthusiastic responses by the US Government. it appears that they have developed their own squirrel army and my infomercial would compromise their “strategic goals” to control the Arab nut market. whatever. the interesting thing is that this site has actually been visited by the US government. it shows up on my webstats. i have also had visits from the US military, Canada, Australia, Austria, and Malaysia. Canada might be Pete…Austria might by Don, but i have no idea what else. its probably a good thing i removed the “how to build a nuclear bomb” demo from my site before the military saw it.