Absurdity and Sprinklers

albert camus had a pret­ty damn good idea about what it was to be human. his belief that our lives are mere absur­di­ty makes alot of sense. bad things hap­pen, yes but when you think about them not in just the mun­dane jour­nal entry analy­sa­tion but instead you grit your teeth and stare at the event until you go crosseyed and under­stand how spilling your cof­fee on a favorite pair of pants means absolute­ly noth­ing in the infi­nite reach­es of uni­ver­sal existence…well then if just so hap­pens that you will real­ize that YOUR very EXISTENCE is an absur­di­ty. then the entire uni­verse becomes much eas­i­er to deal with. IT becomes a joke. and when minor incon­ve­niences occur, its just good ole murphy’s law and some­thing to gig­gle about over a glass of vod­ka at the end of the day. such is my expe­ri­ence with the sprin­kler sys­tem here. they don’t water the grass as would make sense. they water the side­walks, where the peo­ple are. make sense? duh. no.

yea ver­i­ly, i say unto you, let all those right­eous ones who obeyeth the demands of soci­ety and fol­low the straight con­crete way, there will come a time in which the water shall spurt forth from the ground in abun­dance and damp­en the spir­its of those who tread on the short­est dis­tance between two points. and in those days there shall be a gan­g­ly man whose path shall lead him through the midst of the infer­nal water and it shall ambush him at inop­por­tune times wet­ting him great­ly. yet he shall per­se­vere and avoid their machi­na­tions by leav­ing the path and wan­der­ing among them in the wilder­ness of dry crunch­ing grass bad­ly in need of water, just off of the side­walk.’ ADAM 3:4–10

so this hap­pens to me night­ly. i espe­cial­ly enjoy it when the sprin­klers all shoot up from the ground at the same time all around me giv­ing me a stereo ver­sion of ‘ffssssttt’ and that is all the warn­ing i get before they begin releas­ing their ord­nance upon me. fuck. i’ve actu­al­ly done a div­ing roll to avoid being sprayed upon. i would be angry about this if i hadn’t read my camus. now i just think it is fun­ny. ahh life. he he he