Absurdity and Sprinklers

albert camus had a pretty damn good idea about what it was to be human. his belief that our lives are mere absurdity makes alot of sense. bad things happen, yes but when you think about them not in just the mundane journal entry analysation but instead you grit your teeth and stare at the event until you go crosseyed and understand how spilling your coffee on a favorite pair of pants means absolutely nothing in the infinite reaches of universal existence…well then if just so happens that you will realize that YOUR very EXISTENCE is an absurdity. then the entire universe becomes much easier to deal with. IT becomes a joke. and when minor inconveniences occur, its just good ole murphy’s law and something to giggle about over a glass of vodka at the end of the day. such is my experience with the sprinkler system here. they don’t water the grass as would make sense. they water the sidewalks, where the people are. make sense? duh. no.

‘yea verily, i say unto you, let all those righteous ones who obeyeth the demands of society and follow the straight concrete way, there will come a time in which the water shall spurt forth from the ground in abundance and dampen the spirits of those who tread on the shortest distance between two points. and in those days there shall be a gangly man whose path shall lead him through the midst of the infernal water and it shall ambush him at inopportune times wetting him greatly. yet he shall persevere and avoid their machinations by leaving the path and wandering among them in the wilderness of dry crunching grass badly in need of water, just off of the sidewalk.’ ADAM 3:4-10

so this happens to me nightly. i especially enjoy it when the sprinklers all shoot up from the ground at the same time all around me giving me a stereo version of ‘ffssssttt’ and that is all the warning i get before they begin releasing their ordnance upon me. fuck. i’ve actually done a diving roll to avoid being sprayed upon. i would be angry about this if i hadn’t read my camus. now i just think it is funny. ahh life. he he he