Addicted to Weblogs

signs you are addicted to weblogging.

1. your weblog is the startup page on your internet browser

2. you spend more time reading weblogs than doing work

3. you make lists about weblog addiction

4. when you meet friends who also blog, you talk about your respective weblogs with them (very nerdy)

5. you use words like blog, blogger, blogging, and midget pornography, in normal conversation

6. when people ask you what you have been up to lately you refer them to your blog

7. you are actually reading this list

8. you donate regularly to MetaFilter (MeFi)

9. you refer to MeFi as MeFi

10. your list of links to other weblogs exceeds 25. (totally arbitrary on my part)

11. you do complicated numerial acrobatics with your webstats in a desperate bid to see if you are getting more popular

12. you have/are a blogstalker

13. how many comments you have determines your self-esteem for the day

14. you use tags in the place of quotation marks or to add an emotion to a comment. ex: