Addicted to Weblogs

signs you are ad­dict­ed to weblog­ging.

1. your weblog is the start­up page on your in­ter­net brows­er

2. you spend more time read­ing weblogs than do­ing work

3. you make lists about weblog ad­dic­tion

4. when you meet friends who al­so blog, you talk about your re­spec­tive weblogs with them (very nerdy)

5. you use words like blog, blog­ger, blog­ging, and midget pornog­ra­phy, in nor­mal con­ver­sa­tion

6. when peo­ple ask you what you have been up to late­ly you re­fer them to your blog

7. you are ac­tu­al­ly read­ing this list

8. you do­nate reg­u­lar­ly to MetaFilter (MeFi)

9. you re­fer to MeFi as MeFi

10. your list of links to oth­er weblogs ex­ceeds 25. (to­tal­ly ar­bi­trary on my part)

11. you do com­pli­cat­ed nu­me­r­i­al ac­ro­bat­ics with your web­stats in a des­per­ate bid to see if you are get­ting more pop­u­lar

12. you have/​are a blogstalk­er

13. how many com­ments you have de­ter­mines your self-es­teem for the day

14. you use tags in the place of quo­ta­tion marks or to add an emo­tion to a com­ment. ex: