Blah Blah Blah, Yakkity

right before i came into work i was sitting outside enjoying the day and watching two girls who were asleep on the quad out in all that sunshine. well hell, i got inspired and wrote a poem on the spot. i was planning on taking it over to them and just leaving it once i got finished as a sort of surprise thing for when they woke up. well one of them decided to get up and move around right as i was finishing the poem which made it harder for me to go over there. still i copied it down and walked over, but at the last moment my resolve failed and i wimped out. sand in my crotch. surrounded by little violins playing “my heart bleeds for you.” i am ridiculous. and i laugh at myself because it really ain’t that hard once you get your ass in gear, right? right. pbbtt!

in other news, i went to this hole-​in-​the-​ground used book store in search of some rather ancient fantasy novels. Fritz Lieber, Steven Grundy, and Meryn Peake in particular. well i found one book by Lieber so that is a start. also, i could not finish reading Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. it bored me bonkers. Right now i am reading Walter Miller’s Canticle for Liebowitz a rather grabs-​you-​by-​the-​collar post-​nuclear holocaust classic. today seems like it should be dubbed Adam-​overuses-​the-​hyphen-​day.

i went to the orthodontist and he said i should be getting my braces off before my senior year of college starts. bout damn time. first thing i’m going to do once they come off is find myself a nut-​covered caramel apple and a big bag of skittles.

we lost power last night in a wimpy storm. stupid powerplant almost fried every electrical object in my room when they finally got the juice back on. blessed be the surge protector.

definitive answers are an impossibility because the nature of definition implies stagnation. all is flux. the only constant is change? how can CHANGE be CONSTANT. that is like saying no-​thing is some-​thing. we need a new word for these dichotomies. a term that encompasses both the idea of some-​thing and the lack of some-​thing, which is no-​thing. what is the meaning of life? 42.