Character Sketch

6.3.02 INT. 450 SIEGFRIED HALL 1:05pm DAY

to ensure my continuing nerdiness here is what my character sketch would be like if i lived in a fantasy world (apart from the one i am in currently)

name: Herin (but known to most as Erandir)

race: elf

job: mid-level mage, user of blue magic (magic used by non-human creatures and learned by having it cast upon you)

physical description: 6’2″ 160 pounds brown hair and brown eyes, short-cropped hair (buzzcut the same all around) and several days growth of facial hair. white shirt, brown breeches, a small traveling case (containing a book of spells, a book of elvish poetry, a journal, a quill and ink, a canteen, whetstone, rope, and cram) across the shoulders and a belt with a few pouches and slots in it (containing money and healing herbs). no boots but moccasins. spectacles. for bad weather a dark grey cloak with a deep hood held together by a tarnished silver brooch shapeless but reminiscent of water. panpipes.

weapons: two daggers and a quarterstaff, but can use a rapier if need be (but doesn’t have one).

personality: a harmless smartass that travels around the world but never seems to get anywhere.

other distinguising characteristics: has a pet squirrel named Mr. Squirrel.

did i forget anything?