Eclectic Dorm Rant

i live with the most eclec­tic gath­er­ing of peo­ple. for the sum­mer this dorm con­tains the Notre Dame foot­ball, bas­ket­ball, base­ball, hock­ey, soc­cer, lacrosse, and track teams. how­ev­er only one per­son in my hall­way is from one of these teams, the oth­er thir­ty-so peo­ple in my sec­tion are biblethumpers. i am not kid­ding when i say that these blokes live and breathe the catholic church. they are here for some six week course in the­ol­o­gy. i am dead seri­ous when i say that in the two weeks that they have been here i have yet to hear them dis­cuss some­thing oth­er than var­i­ous intri­ca­cies of catholic doc­trine and divine yaketyak. Not one word about a new movie, a cute girl, a song on the radio or the score of a ran­dom tele­vised sport­ing event. instead, hom­i­lies, dog­ma nit­pick­ing and com­par­i­son of dif­fer­ent trans­la­tions of the bible have been the course du jour. the world is full of strange peo­ple.

i also share the kitchen with the foot­ball team. or should i say i share the kitchen with the girls who fuck fix food for the foot­ball team. it didn’t both­er me too much for about the first five min­utes. then they start­ed steal­ing my stuff. so 3 bowls lat­er i keep my eat­ing uten­sils in my own room. they also don’t clean up after them­selves. the entire kitchen is a moun­tain of dirty dish­es. there is absolute­ly no room to set any­thing clean down. the oven and range­top are bro­ken and the refridger­a­tor is sink­ing under the weight of things shoved hap­haz­ard­ly into it. the hall man­ag­er, so intent on not let­ting the foot­ball play­ers rule the dorm he is in charge of, mere­ly whim­pers and whines when i men­tion that he might start enforc­ing some rules. this week we were cook­ing a lasagna in the oven and some of the foot­ball sluts cooks TAKE OUT OUR LASAGNA and put in their CAKE and brown­ies. They don’t even LIVE in our dorm and they see no prob­lem with com­man­deer­ing the oven for their own use DESPITE THE FACT that some­one else is already using it. i hope those big black dicks on the foot­ball team get food poi­son­ing from their cock-sock­ets and start going to the din­ing hall. then maybe i can have a decent meal again.