First Shift in Knott

6.1.02 INT. SIEGFRIED HALL RM 450 9:10am DAY

today i work my first shift as a hall clerk in Knott Hall from 1 – 8 i expect to be bored out of my mind. in other news i am going to order tix to see my idol David Bowie this august in chicago, it is going to be transcendental.

anyway, a friend of mine needed to talk to me yesterday. only here for a few weeks, she has already been subjected to 2 different occasions of typical Notre Dame male hookup strategies. needless to say, she was a bit disturbed about the whole situation and needed me to tell her that its quite alright to feel weirded out when a guy just randomly kisses you. seeing it happen to someone only here for a brief time (probably considered the perfect situation for the typical ND male) justs disgusts me even more. Notre Dame is not a healthy place. she is strong enough and smart enough to take care of herself in the situations described above, but i hate to see that happen to anyone. stupid people.

the other day i fed two squirrels, three chipmunks, and a male and female cardinal, two ducks and another chipmunk in a 45 minute span. i guess all of God’s critters like peanuts. one of the squirrels ate out of my hand but the other was too nervous. the chipmunks came surprisingly close as well and it was funny watching them romp about with their cheeks stuffed full of nuts. the female duck (hen?) also ate out of my hand while the drake quacked nervously/​angrily behind her…that is a relationship on the rocks…