Goddamn Rap-​Metal

6.10.02 LATE NIGHT UPDATE: 11:27pm

i am sick and tired of angstridden its the world against me bad parent blaming venom filled pseudo intensive kill you all rap metal. while listening to the radio on my shift i decided to listen to the Bear (contemporary rock) instead of WAOR (classic rock). bad decision. after three of the aforementioned songs in a row i had to change it. you would think there are only so many songs you can sing about being misunderstood and rejected by the ‘rents before people would get tired of hearing them. i think that it has gotten to the point where it is cool to say you have shitheads for parents. what a load of bung. i bet half of the people that are creating this subculture live in nice suburban homes with ‘rents that don’t suck. they manufacture their angst just like the bands they listen to manufacture their songs. its just another form of conforming to a set character type. that is why i recommended andrew w.k. he doesn’t place blame but is out living life and having a blast and is still metal. and a better mettle than rap metal.


i finished hamlet last night. twas a good play. yet ere it ended i realized shakespeare was going to kill everyone. so let it be written so let it be done. bodies everywhere. i also never talked about Sun Tzu. the art of war was very good. many of the axioms were straightforward, simple, and obvious, but if you do not take the time to recall them they are also easy to neglect. who knows, maybe my chess game will improve. i chatted with jeremy about building myself a computer. he said it is possible to construct a relatively high-​end system for about 500 bones not including software and such. i want to do that, i also want some new spectacles, but i also NEED to pay for college.

Heathen comes out in stores tomorrow. buy it. i got another hit from the us military last night. i wonder if they are keeping tabs on the net and searching for words like terrorism, osama bin laden, arab, afghanistan, cheetos, nuclear, us military, TinkyWinky, Psyduck, bomb, and teabag. if so i’ll probably get another hit from them since i just mentioned all those words.

maybe i am just paranoid from all of the illegal marijuana i have been growing outside my window and selling to underage girls in return for their barbies which i then mutilate and throw into the toilet. (i think i actually did do that to a doll once when i was a child). everything else in this paragraph has been a lie.