6.8.02 INT. COBA 3:45pm DAY

mom has assigned me to come up with three things that i like about ND. here they are: the education, the fencing team, the squirrels. easy enough. i spent the whole damn day inside in the basement of lafortune. it is a perfect day for being out in the sun. i am a child of the sun and woods. not a hippie, just natur[ally] inclined. i am a treehugger in the sense that i enjoy the outdoors, not in the sense that i am a treehugging druid [eg godsmack] or a treehugging environmentalist [eg meagan my friend from oregon]. i wanted to put a footnote on that last part but for some reason i can’t get it to work. (probably because i don’t know what i am doing).

i also appropriated a coat that has been in the COBA cluster’s lost and found since there was snow on the ground here. i figured the owner isn’t coming back for it and my boss told me to take it. it has way too many pockets, and i estimate its original cost at somewhere over $200 . the good thing is that it is made of gore-tex and has a down liner, so the weather will slip right off of my as if i were Tom Bombadil.

i’ve been crawling around the internet underground looking at some goth sites. no mom i am not satanic, just professionally interested in subcultures. i sometimes wonder why i didn’t end up goth though. perhaps because the greasymulleted metalheads at school were mistakenly identified as “goth,” perhaps because my mother would have been very ashamed of me, perhaps because i accept my dark side instead of becoming it.

its more fun to be a child of the sun and woods anyway.

i talked about my mom alot today. she’s an excellent parent. i raised her well.