i just found out that my 85 year old great uncle was Murdered. they found him in his garage with multiple stab wounds to the neck. Murdered. 85. what reason is there to Murder and 85 year old man. reason doesn’t enter into the equation, causing the problem. if the Murderer had reasoned (a socially constructed idea to be sure) Murder most likely would not have occurred. people are terrible. lack of emotional control is terrible.

i did not know my great-uncle Claude very well. in fact i only met him once about ten years ago. i remember that he seemed like a very gentle man and he tried to interest me in stamp collecting. one would think that i therefore would not be very grief filled in regard to his death. i am not. he had lived for 85 years and had raised an upstanding family and watched his children raise their own upstanding families. he had a full life. i am, however, grieved at the circumstances which led to his death. Murder. There is never any reason to kill someone except in defense of your own life or the lives of those that are defenseless. nothing on this earth is worse than the needless destruction of life. even though i am filled with a cold rage directed at the nameless, faceless Murderer, i still would not now take or ask for his life, despite the fact that he Murdered my kin.

Murder. fuck.