i just found out that my 85 year old great uncle was Mur­dered. they found him in his garage with mul­ti­ple stab wounds to the neck. Mur­dered. 85. what rea­son is there to Mur­der and 85 year old man. rea­son doesn’t enter into the equa­tion, caus­ing the prob­lem. if the Mur­der­er had rea­soned (a social­ly con­struct­ed idea to be sure) Mur­der most like­ly would not have occurred. peo­ple are ter­ri­ble. lack of emo­tion­al con­trol is ter­ri­ble.

i did not know my great-uncle Claude very well. in fact i only met him once about ten years ago. i remem­ber that he seemed like a very gen­tle man and he tried to inter­est me in stamp col­lect­ing. one would think that i there­fore would not be very grief filled in regard to his death. i am not. he had lived for 85 years and had raised an upstand­ing fam­i­ly and watched his chil­dren raise their own upstand­ing fam­i­lies. he had a full life. i am, how­ev­er, griev­ed at the cir­cum­stances which led to his death. Mur­der. There is nev­er any rea­son to kill some­one except in defense of your own life or the lives of those that are defense­less. noth­ing on this earth is worse than the need­less destruc­tion of life. even though i am filled with a cold rage direct­ed at the name­less, face­less Mur­der­er, i still would not now take or ask for his life, despite the fact that he Mur­dered my kin.

Mur­der. fuck.