Phil’s 21st

well, watching my buddy Phil get wasted with the whole cross-​country/​track gang from the high school on his 21st birthday was fun. even the point when he yarfed all over my car. sure it was gross but it is only a once in a lifetime experience. i was rather silly myself. then yesterday i did a bit o swimming.

drinks i consumed friday night:

redheaded slut(shot): 1/​2oz jagermeister, 1/​3oz peach schnapps, cranberry juice

tequila(shot): 1.5oz tequila, salt, lemon

long island iced tea(mixed):1oz vodka 1oz gin 1oz rum 1oz tequila splash of triple sec, splash of lime juice, splash of coke, lemon

cream soda(mixed): 2oz spiced rum, sprite