6.5.02 INT. BOND HALL PC 28 7:23pm NIGHT

i am such a pirate. but i real­ly like the way my page looks now. i’ll admit it, i stole some of the code, but it took me a hel­lu­va long time to debug the bug­ger. it actu­al­ly looks pro­fes­sion­al now. now i just have to make the con­tent pro­fes­sion­al. i had to buy new speak­ers for my com­put­er today because the old ones pret­ty much explod­ed. i shouldn’t have had a 9 volt adapter pow­er cord plugged into them since they can only han­dle 6. it was only a mat­ter of time till the capac­i­tors blew. i also bought some more books. as of now i am not going to use my cred­it card until it is paid off and i have cash in the bank. i put a new poem into ver­bal impo­tence called dilate. it isn’t very good but i haven’t writ­ten in a while.