Recent Books

random post today. books i have read recently: Charles Bukowski, The Last Night of the Earth Poems; Henry David Thoreau, Walden;George Orwell, Animal Farm;Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, Good Omens; and i am beginning Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. the only one i didn’t particularly care for was Animal Farm because it is just a simplified version of 1984. tonight i’m driving down to Purdue to visit Phil and get wasted with him on his 21st. up to mischief

girls here will not make eye contact with me. as i approach them on the quad just minding my own business and watching the people, whenever a girl approaches and notices that i am looking at her, her head goes down and she stares at the sidewalk, she turns her body slightly away from me as if to shield herself from my supposed violating gaze and her pace picks up. i haven’t done a thing to them but i am something to be avoided. some of these are the same girls who throw their bodies at football and basketball players and basically become their toys. some of these girls have also spent 12 years in private all-​girls catholic schools, being taught by nuns that all men are sex offenders. perhaps even worse are the girls that KNOW they are better than me and that i am beneath their notice. walls of ice. no one says howdy or is all that friendly here, except in a false ‘thank you please come again’ manner.’ actually for the most part don’t we treat all strangers in that way? how many social settings are there where it is acceptable to actually make a new friend with a stranger? parties, bars, waiting in line, at work, at church. When was the last time you made a friend or acquaintance in an interesting place or situation?