Southern Accent

last night i was work­ing my shift behind the desk in McGlinn and a pret­ty girl comes and needs let back into her room because she locked her­self out. she was from lees­burg, geor­gia and had a great south­ern accent that knocked my socks off. i unlocked her door and showed her how to keep it unlocked and she fol­lowed me down the hall and asked me if i was an ath­lete. i said yeah i’m on the fenc­ing team. her reply was that she thought i looked like an ath­lete because i had real­ly nice calves. how cool is that. no one has ever com­pli­ment­ed me on my chick­en legs before. she said she would stop by on my shift tonight to “chit­ter­chat” with me. i guess peo­ple have been giv­ing her a hard time about her dialect, but i like suth­ern­speke.