Staring at Women Day

6.12.02 here i am in the Mendoza College of Business Computer Cluster, surrounded by attractive women (no i’m not kidding) and i am totally socially impotent. all i can do is look. i have no guts, testicles, huevos, balls, whatever. even if i do go up to one and ask her, rejection by her means rejection by every girl in the place. i mean who wants to be second frikin choice. the thing is, i don’t really care. its just nice to bitch about. there is this girl right across from me right now, long brunette hair tied back into a combo bun/​ponytail thingy dark brown eyes, thin and maybe 55″ absolutely beautiful. wearing this tan colored ribbed cardigan and a white collared shirt, she looks very nice and business casual. and here i sit, wearing my specs, scruffy with a week’s growth of facial hair (not all that much to be sure) mussed hair, my toadies shirt, and shorts that were once pants. yeah i stand a chance. especially in this hall of sold souls that is the business college. she has her pick of any jcrew wearing upwardly mobile sycophant in this place. stupid world. i hope they all get some sort of strange acidic green fungus that slowly drives them insane and makes them have permanent BO. ahh and now she is leaving. off to make some rich prick very happy in her quest for a secure lifestyle. even though he won’t talk to her, respect her, assist her or please her sexually. (im not saying i could do any of those things but i still need the chance). i’m not going to change though. i like who i am (except for the socially impotent part). it feels good to write like the hitlist again. don’t worry i’m still rusty. it’ll get better. check out Bitter Films and the kung fu hamster.

Q: what is blue and shakes in the corner?

A: a baby in a bag.

Q: what is green and sits in the corner?

A: the same baby 2 weeks later.