well she had fun, but not un­til her ‘broth­er’ and my good friend bri­an showed up from Cleveland. she didn’t yarf, but she did go to the re­stroom about 70 bil­lion times. we ate at the Mishawaka Brewing Company, which was ex­cel­lent as al­ways. Great Irish Meat Pies. then we left to go to the bars, but lo and be­hold i had a flat tire. so every­one else took off and i put on the donut and fol­lowed. as an aside, this is about the 6th time i’ve had a flat tire with this car. i at­tribute this oc­curence to the fact that there are mas­sive amounts of con­struc­tion go­ing on around cam­pus. any­way, we then went to Cheers the town­ie bar where we lis­tened to a bad red hot chili pep­per wannabe band and an even worse tree­hug­gin phishlovin hip­pie knock­off who couldn’t car­ry a tune with a wheel­bar­row and who butchered Ramble On and Tangerine. fuck­er. we left as his fe­male coun­ter­part be­gan singing Blackhole Sun à la Jessica Simpson. Then we went to Corby’s. The Corporate Alumni bar. where the on­ly wa­ter avail­able is bot­tled and the bar­tender is HOT as a tub full of boiled cray­fish (i have no idea where that came from). any­way she got blast­ed once bri­an showed up and she start­ed laugh­ing and smil­ing too. so we closed Corby’s, got her back to her dorm and then i went to sleep around 3:30 to get up and work at 8. it was worth it.