Atlas Shrugged: Day 2

Day 2: On page 182 of Atlas Shrugged, I figured out who John Galt was.

Major Objection: 18% of the way through the book. The story only holds my interest because of the characters’ internal dialogues. Character development does not seem to be Ayn Rand’s strong point and her use of narrative device only seems clich?. I AM, however, enjoying the book. She deals in extremes, the Prime Movers, Rearden, Dagny Taggert, and d’Anconia are demigods, and all others are sycophants and whiners. An appropriate use for her since the Prime Movers are also the Prime Examples of Objectivism and its extreme rationality, while all others merely toss out infantile rantings and temper tantrums. This ploy would be effective if it weren’t so obvious. Ayn Rand’s schizophrenic use of straightforward declamation with unsophisticated attempts at subtlety makes me feel that she is desperately trying to get someone to agree with her. An attention getting insecurity.

I am one hypercritical muthafucka. They are just opinions but I feel the greatest honor I can do to an artwork is to do my best at analyzing it. For that shows that I take its existence seriously. If I am not critical of something it is because I think it is frivolous and therefore not worthy of dissection. There isn’t anything wrong with that is there?