Bad Hygiene

i’ve stopped even mak­ing the at­tempt to get up ear­ly enough to do ba­sic hy­giene be­fore stum­bling in­to work. at the be­ginnning of the sum­mer, i strove to start my sched­ule at 9 in the morn­ing but since clus­ters open at 8 i was not per­mit­ted to sched­ule my­self at 9 with­out al­so sign­ing up for 8. this wasn’t a ter­ri­bly big deal since for the past three years i have been get­ting up at 5:30 in the morn­ing to go to work. so i start­ed get­ting up at 7, show­er­ing, eat­ing a bit of break­fast and then go­ing in to work. this worked out well un­til i start­ed my night job. then, get­ting back in­to the dorm at one in the morn­ing made get­ting up 6 hours lat­er much more dif­fi­cult. at first i start­ed get­ting up at 7:15, then that turned in­to 7:30, now my alarm goes off at 7:45 i sleep for an­oth­er ten min­utes, roll out of bed and wan­der over to the clus­ter right as it opens. my breath smells, my face is greasy, i’m pret­ty sure the these shorts i’ve been wear­ing are the on­ly ones i’ve ever had in my en­tire life. my hair is mussed, i need to shave. flow­ers wilt be­fore my pres­ence and chil­dren are afraid of me. thank­ful­ly, once lunchtime rolls around, it is just as easy to wan­der back to my room and show­er up. on­ly 9 more twelve hour days un­til i ac­tu­al­ly get some­thing re­sem­bling sum­mer va­ca­tion. al­right!

i found the CSS ref­er­ence sec­tion in Dreamweaver. Now i can ac­tu­al­ly start fid­dling around! but lo and be­hold, one of my pre­vi­ous pages was pret­ty much done in CSS and i didn’t even know it. grant­ed, that was the page that a stole prob­a­bly 80% of the code from, but it was a good learn­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. maybe this won’t be as bad as i had ex­pect­ed.