Bad Hygiene

i’ve stopped even making the attempt to get up early enough to do basic hygiene before stumbling into work. at the beginnning of the summer, i strove to start my schedule at 9 in the morning but since clusters open at 8 i was not permitted to schedule myself at 9 without also signing up for 8. this wasn’t a terribly big deal since for the past three years i have been getting up at 5:30 in the morning to go to work. so i started getting up at 7, showering, eating a bit of breakfast and then going in to work. this worked out well until i started my night job. then, getting back into the dorm at one in the morning made getting up 6 hours later much more difficult. at first i started getting up at 7:15, then that turned into 7:30, now my alarm goes off at 7:45 i sleep for another ten minutes, roll out of bed and wander over to the cluster right as it opens. my breath smells, my face is greasy, i’m pretty sure the these shorts i’ve been wearing are the only ones i’ve ever had in my entire life. my hair is mussed, i need to shave. flowers wilt before my presence and children are afraid of me. thankfully, once lunchtime rolls around, it is just as easy to wander back to my room and shower up. only 9 more twelve hour days until i actually get something resembling summer vacation. alright!

i found the CSS reference section in Dreamweaver. Now i can actually start fiddling around! but lo and behold, one of my previous pages was pretty much done in CSS and i didn’t even know it. granted, that was the page that a stole probably 80% of the code from, but it was a good learning experience. maybe this won’t be as bad as i had expected.