yeah, so learning CSS is harder than i thought. especially since the educational version of Dreamweaver that we have does not have any of the CSS attributes installed on it. Thankfully one of my fellow websavvy students has a CSS book that he is going let me borrow. but all of this junk with me dealing with my own inability to make a sensical webpage is resulting a a stumbling progression toward usability.

i haven’t made a film in 2 months and it is starting to bother me. i am ready for classes to start again. This semester i am taking two anthropology classes and three film classes. Anthropology: Society and Culture Through Films and Introduction to Archaeology. Film: Intermediate Film Prodcution, Film Noir, and Cinema Ideologies. This will complete my anthropology major and leave the 2nd semester open for 4 film classes and hopefully a poetry writing class. I am also anxious to have a room to myself, a space totally my own, where I do not have a roommate to cause trouble. wunderbar!

there are 5 new poems in verbal impotence

fencing is a hard sport for me to think about. is it a sport or an art? it is a basic act of violence using the sword, the traditional icon for warfare, refined into a thing of grace and beauty. how should i go about my fencing? Should i take it as warfare, to destroy my opponent by any means, or should i strive to achieve technical perfection and glory in the kinesthetic improvisation of the bout? Are the two even separated? Can the act of violence be a thing of beauty? Are the convoluted symbols and meanings a sign of our attempts at creating an Art of War? I should read Sun Tzu and Miyamoto Musashi again.