the running theme for this site has seemed to develop itself. at an average of about once a month i redesign. it must be due to boredom. because that is the only reason i can think of to do it. this time i have mostly just changed the look, but i have changed around the link list extensively. each time, my site gets slightly more streamlined, eventually i might even get a blogging utility to assist with archival stuff, i’m not too sure which one i should use, there are so many.

i did a lot of writing last night. once i get the redesign of verbal impotence done, i’ll probably put all of my stuff up there, both the bad and worse. for now i’ll leave you with my latest attempt at poetic satire.

tick tock goes the clock
here, there, everywhere
time and space
sin and grace
hard to breathe the air

crick crack snaps the back
either or neither nor
young and old
timid and bold
deep inside the core

zig zag playing tag
up down all around
love or hate
starve or sate
always underground

boo hoo cry the few
gay straight and bi
blind or sight
weak or might
in the end we die