Summer Rant

my writ­ing has start­ed to change in many sub­tle ways. it is becom­ing less rigid in struc­ture and less angst filled in con­tent. per­haps i am final­ly get­ting a sense of per­spec­tive and a use­ful out­let for what­ev­er wis­dom i have gained dur­ing my time on this mor­tal coil. only prob­lem is, i still don’t know if it is good or not. i tried to set up an appoint­ment with one of the eng­lish profs but i found the sec­re­tary to be unhelp­ful and rude. she told me to do it on my own. why per­chance is she a sec­re­tary except to facil­i­tate and direct traf­fic through her depart­ment?

i com­plain too much.

july is here. fire­crack­ers and heat. grasshop­pers and fire­flies. bratwurst and home­made ice cream. my uncle in a hawai­ian shirt run­ning away from an ille­gal fire­work that catch­es the whole stock­pile of black­pow­der beau­ty on fire. Dante’s Infer­no nev­er had it so good. vod­ka ton­ics. dogs pant­i­ng in the shade. heat waves and the hot smell of oil from a burned out lawn­mow­er. pink lemon­ade. sen­tence frag­ments. too hot to say more. grey­beard­ed thun­der­storms. rain and hail. wind. corn­stalks shoul­der high by the fourth of july. cows chew­ing their cuds wait­ing for some grain from the farmer. pigs wal­ler­ing in their sties to keep cool. wall­eye and perch. sit­ting on a boat all day. no con­ver­sa­tion with grand­pa. it’ll scare the fish. zen fish­ing. tree fish­ing. log salmon. diet coke and baloney&mustard sam­mich­es on white bread. maybe i’ll have fresh fish tonight. grease spat­ter­ing my legs. sit­ting on the porch watch­ing the evening wake up the rab­bits and rac­coons. pop­si­cles and ice cream sand­wich­es. splash­ing through the creek. hid­den forts. ticks and chig­gers. the sound of a bea­gle rab­bit hunt­ing. char­coal and bon­fires. too short too long. unpre­served unmit­i­gat­ed. please pass the salt.