Summer Rant

my writing has started to change in many subtle ways. it is becoming less rigid in structure and less angst filled in content. perhaps i am finally getting a sense of perspective and a useful outlet for whatever wisdom i have gained during my time on this mortal coil. only problem is, i still don’t know if it is good or not. i tried to set up an appointment with one of the english profs but i found the secretary to be unhelpful and rude. she told me to do it on my own. why perchance is she a secretary except to facilitate and direct traffic through her department?

i complain too much.

july is here. firecrackers and heat. grasshoppers and fireflies. bratwurst and homemade ice cream. my uncle in a hawaiian shirt running away from an illegal firework that catches the whole stockpile of blackpowder beauty on fire. Dante’s Inferno never had it so good. vodka tonics. dogs panting in the shade. heat waves and the hot smell of oil from a burned out lawnmower. pink lemonade. sentence fragments. too hot to say more. greybearded thunderstorms. rain and hail. wind. cornstalks shoulder high by the fourth of july. cows chewing their cuds waiting for some grain from the farmer. pigs wallering in their sties to keep cool. walleye and perch. sitting on a boat all day. no conversation with grandpa. it’ll scare the fish. zen fishing. tree fishing. log salmon. diet coke and baloney&mustard sammiches on white bread. maybe i’ll have fresh fish tonight. grease spattering my legs. sitting on the porch watching the evening wake up the rabbits and raccoons. popsicles and ice cream sandwiches. splashing through the creek. hidden forts. ticks and chiggers. the sound of a beagle rabbit hunting. charcoal and bonfires. too short too long. unpreserved unmitigated. please pass the salt.