Vaguely Disreputable

most of the programs on my computer have been obtained through vaguely disreputable means. its not that i stole anything, no product or service was literally taken from anyone. yet when i am tooling around the intranet here at ND and i happen to find a folder that has no password protection on it and several thousand dollars worth of program installers on it, what am i to do? duh, i copy the files onto my hard drive. granted, the programs have now been replaced on the market by newer versions but i am content with mine. Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Freehand, SoundForge, Photoshop, Pagemaker, and Director. its like the need a penny take a penny tray, except we’re doing it from a much larger tray and a couple million times. excuse the Office Space quote please.

i’ve got a great idea: Internet Communism. wasn’t that the initial morality of the internet anyway? if everybody has access to everything, then its all good. But ADAM, no one will make money that way. My answer is, why does everything always have to be about making money? People made money before the internet. it is just the nature of capitalism to exploit any new market for a profit motive instead of making it available to all. of course, without said exploitation many people that have the internet wouldn’t.

the problem arises from any attempt to make a physical commodity an unalienable right. It’s like this Monty Python skit from Life of Brian. Someone can have the right to the internet, but not have the means to the right. Ensuring that everyone has the same means to the right is one of fatal flaws in the premise of communism.