Concerts and Chicago

Balls! tis been awhile. Here is the last week.

wednesday: went up to Purdue then drove with Phil to Chicago where we stayed with his brother Bo and his fiancé? Kerri. played monopoly. lost horribly. i HATE that.

thursday: area2 concert featuring Ash, Blueman Group, Busta Rhymes, David Bowie, and Moby. all around good concert. but David muthafuckin’ Bowie, held me in thrall for the entire time he was on stage. I have wanted to see him in concert since for the past seven years and never thought i would get the chance. i can not find words strong enough to describe the euphoria that i felt watching this 56 year old cockeyed brit sing. he played the great stuff. Life on Mars, Fame, Fashion, China Girl, Let’s Dance, Heroes. he played some new stuff, Cactus, Hey Lou, 5:15 All the Angels Have Gone, and he played some old stuff that no one but Bowie junkies would have recognized. from the ’77 album Low he played Breaking Glass and A New Career in a New Town. Ever since i first heard Low several years ago I have always thought of it as a primitive forerunner, a prototype of what house music is today. Not only did Bowie prove my right, but the review I read of the concert the next day agreed as well. to top it all off and raising me to higher order throes of ecstasy, he played Ziggy Stardust. shit. what an encore. it rocked the shit out of me. it was so frikin awesome to hear it live. Bowie is like fine wine, improving as he ages. Ziggy Stardust alone was worth every penny i paid for the ticket. its the closest thing i’ve ever had to a religious experience. knowing the best Moby was capable of wouldn’t even compare, we left (like many others) before he even came on. I have seen David Bowie in concert. I can die a complete person.

friday: Brian Rose, Matt Rose, Brian Miller, and Macalister Fahie (pronounced Foy thanks much) came up to celebrate Macs 21st birthday. they had a beer bong. we got 24hr passes for the El and headed downtown to eat at the ESPNzone which was pretty cool but too expensive for the quality of the food. Then we toured the Earth from Above exhibit promoting solar power. very nice. then we wandered to Navy Pier and rode the bus back to Bos ‘hood. some dude on a street corner was handing out reduced cover passes to a bar so we went there and 5 bucks got us all we could drink until 11:30. 3 vodka tonics later it was 11:30 and Mac had consumed a rather large quantity of liquor. we stuck around till about 1 and then took off. Mac puked off the El platform all over some newpaper thingys. so we barely got him home, almost all of us listing ever so little to starboard.

saturday: we went shopping and got a daylight look at where Mac puked. (did i mention he is black? not that that has anything to do with him puking on newspapers) I bought two vintage triacetate shirts at this damn cool store for cheap. That night Bo, Kerri, Phil, and I saw Juliana Hatfield at the Double Door. totally different venue than the Tweeter Center where area2 was at. only a couple hundred people can fit in there. i wasn’t too familiar with Juliana but the show was very good just her on the geetar, Freda on the drums, and oh so cute Heidi Gluck on the bass. i enjoyed it much.

sunday: 5 hour drive home. hadn’t shaved in over a week. competent as a broke dick.

since: still haven’t shaved, working on a beard, left my Bowie ticket stub at Bos. hope he saves it. visited with friend Emily. In the home stretch of playing Baldur’s Gate.