i was going through the stash of pic­tures i have on my com­put­er and came across this one from Jan­u­ary moments after shav­ing my head.

since i just shaved off my beard attempt, my log­i­cal pro­gres­sion led me to decide that i should put up this pic­ture. peo­ple said i looked like Moby, Bil­ly Cor­gan, and Mar­shall Apple­white. I mere­ly decid­ed that I have a very sexy cra­ni­um, no loose flaps of skin or weird wrin­kles like my sec­tion­mate Nathan who shaved his head along with me and a few oth­er gullible fresh­men. The next few days were inter­est­ing because as the hair grew back, my hair became like Vel­cro?.

the rea­son i shaved my head? one of my pro­fes­sors, who has since become my favorite prof at ND was try­ing to asso­ciate my name with my face on the first day of class and said ‘Adam, slight­ly bald­ing’ and point­ed to her hair­line. Yes, it was in front of the whole class. good thing i have thick skin. lat­er on when i asked a ques­tion she closed her eyes, put her fin­ger to her haid and said: ‘yes…adam.’ so i shaved my head. i always said i would when a stranger men­tioned my bald­ing­ness. alright, so maybe i don’t have that thick of skin.