Chariot Race

Today was the 5th annu­al Keough Hall Char­i­ot Race. Last year, my sec­tion, 4B won the race. This year we were elim­i­nat­ed in the 1st round. These char­i­ots are con­struct­ed out of ply­wood and 2x4s by the var­i­ous dorms on cam­pus. Keough, as host, has a char­i­ot from each sec­tion. Our char­i­ot was con­struct­ed by the ven­er­a­ble senior mechan­i­cal engi­neer and ram­pant philadel­phi­an John Fay, my neigh­bor. He is a mas­ter of var­i­ous arcane things called ‘moments’ and ‘degrees of some­thin­gorother.’ Despite our chariot’s excep­tion­al design, the inex­pe­ri­ence of the run­ners was our demise. such is life.

besides char­i­ot rac­ing we also had mud wrestling and joust­ing, and togas were in vogue for the after­noon. I have had 4 years to per­fect my cos­tume and demeanor, and I dare­say I would make a good dead lan­guage speak­er. I was also invin­ci­ble in the joust. I even joust­ed my rec­tor, he couldn’t keep his bal­ance and i couldn’t be knocked off. I am a king of the moun­tain. The beau­ti­ful Pom squad did a lit­tle dance for us as well. A good after­noon.