Fencing Stuff

well i get about one meal a day right now. i’m def­i­nite­ly work­ing on fix­ing that but it is rather dif­fi­cult when you go for 8–10 hours at a stretch. i need the food because of prac­tice and my insane­ly over­ac­tive metab­o­lism. speak­ing of which, prac­tice is going well despite my arthrit­ic knee. i ice it each day after prac­tice but i’m going out tonight to buy some aceta­minophen to cut the ache a lit­tle. i think the rest of my week is due for a lit­tle slow down, this week­end i’m going to type the first paper of the semes­ter and then do a loca­tion scout for my flik. i was sup­posed to start my weightlift­ing reg­i­men today but after i dragged myself out of bed at 7 to go do such, i found out that the weight room was closed for a depart­men­tal meet­ing, it only forced myself and a pret­ty lacrosse girl out of the weight room but it also cut an hour of my sleep. splen­did­dly­if­er­ous.

Hap­py Birth­day to my Moth­er! she is 51! Go mom­ma!