Film Pitch Crash Burn

well all three of my film pitch­es got shot down today. i wasn’t too sur­prised. i have trou­ble com­ing up with ideas for nar­ra­tive films. thats not what i am con­cerned with. i’m going to make non-fic­tion films dammit, i could care less about the intri­ca­cies of the Hol­ly­wood screen­play. The basic con­cepts of screen­play and script fit with all films. Cam­era work i under­stand. Edit­ing as well. You need to know the stan­dards for that before you can break them. But whether or not i say man or busi­ness­man, insom­nia or rest­less­ness doesn’t real­ly mean shit. i hon­est­ly don’t want to make a movie about a busi­ness­man OR an insom­ni­ac. i want to make films that chal­lenge assump­tions with­out mak­ing an alle­go­ry of it. my films are gonna smack you around in the face and make you pay atten­tion.