First Game under Ty

What a football game! Notre Dame didn’t play the best football in the world but it was 5 times as solid an infinitely more unpredictable than our game under the Davie Régime. I don’t know how many times i heard the phrase “West Coast Offense’ used, but it became rather grating. But in the end all that mattered is that we shut out the 20th ranked Maryland Terrapins and our defense was outstanding. Go Irish and welcome Tyrone Willingham!

also of note: last night i met my first freshmen girls of the year. they were all very pretty and they seemed to like us upperclassmen better than the Frosh guys in our section. Aimee, Jenny, Maureen, and Alex. Now the question is will we ever see these lively young ladies ever again? If things proceed in the typical Notre Dame fashion, probably not, but I would like to get to know them alot better.