Lonely Guy

i’m a lonely guy, no doubt about it. it is my choice and my consequence. but whenever i decide to try and do something about it, the stupid mating game that must be played makes me saturnine. i am a man who does not like to bandy about emotions and i am not a man who is willing to indulge in careless trysts to satisfy his lusts. i am also not a man who will always be happy in tandem with his woman, euphoria is ethereal and substance consists of mixing water with dirt and making mud. i’m a cynical guy, no doubt about it. it is my choice and my consequence. it is the product of endless bouts of beating my head against the wall being the uncoordinated kid no one wants on their team trying to understand the rules of the game while not even interested in playing the stupid thing. if there are any women out there who feel the same way, ’tis unfortunate because the state of abjection created by our exclusion prevents consolidation and dialogue by our very status as Other. archived

i’m as fine as anyone can be about being alone. it is very low maintenance and allows me to improve myself and focus on what is important for me. the problem with being alone is that you become too self-​centered and self-​absorbed and can forget…um, stuff. it is, however, refreshing to be not concern yourself with hooking up and seeking a mentally overconstructed love affair, even though i still tend to concern myself with both. i never said i could practice my preachyness. its much easier to handle relationships with women when I have nothing more in mind than simple friendship.

i’ve come to a conclusion. i want to have my cake and eat it too. i need the feeling of a healthy loving relationship right now. however, i don’t want anything to do in that capacity with any girl around here. so in compromise i want a hook-​up.