Weekend of Visitors

This was the Weekend of Visitors for me. Steve from Syracuse, Brian and Kyle from West Lafayette, Jesus, Liam, AJ, Ann, Laura; all seniors when i was a freshman, and my aunt and uncle from Fort Wayne. When it rains it pours and Notre Dame home football games always call for a weather alert.

our offense is horrible, we have yet to score a touchdown on offense yet we have won 2 games with defensive plays alone. this cannot last. next weekend, if we haven’t developed some sort of offensive capability the Michigan Wolverines will eat us alive.

last night adam got silly at senior bar, i swear, capt. and sprite is a wonderful thing. then we went to Corby’s which strangely wasn’t that full. then a dropped a few people off at the Linebacker and came back here to fall asleep.

now sunday is catchup day.