Weekend of Visitors

This was the Week­end of Vis­i­tors for me. Steve from Syra­cuse, Bri­an and Kyle from West Lafayette, Jesus, Liam, AJ, Ann, Lau­ra; all seniors when i was a fresh­man, and my aunt and uncle from Fort Wayne. When it rains it pours and Notre Dame home foot­ball games always call for a weath­er alert.

our offense is hor­ri­ble, we have yet to score a touch­down on offense yet we have won 2 games with defen­sive plays alone. this can­not last. next week­end, if we haven’t devel­oped some sort of offen­sive capa­bil­i­ty the Michi­gan Wolver­ines will eat us alive.

last night adam got sil­ly at senior bar, i swear, capt. and sprite is a won­der­ful thing. then we went to Corby’s which strange­ly wasn’t that full. then a dropped a few peo­ple off at the Line­backer and came back here to fall asleep.

now sun­day is catchup day.