What is the Difference?

what is the dif­fer­ence between inno­cence and con­fi­dence, plea­sure and hap­pi­ness? what ambi­tions derive their source in our dark­er selves and what does the light side con­tain of pow­er? why do inani­ties dis­tract us from mean­ing and struc­tured under­stand­ing of moti­va­tion, desire, and actu­al­iza­tion? why do we live out our time in rote mech­a­nisms that turn life into an ‘insert slot-A into con­nect­ing tab-B’ in order to get the cap­i­tal­ist bour­geois lifestyle that offers no true chance at mean­ing­ful exam­i­na­tion of life? why do i strug­gle against this while at the same time desir­ing the sim­plic­i­ty of a herd men­tal­i­ty life?