Recurring Dream

well, i have a new recur­ring dream. i’m glad too because it is a damn inter­est­ing one. my recur­ring dreams are always action/adventure sto­ries. this one is a bit dif­fer­ent in that it has a sci­ence-fic­tion twist. of course, i don’t remem­ber all of the details but i’ll give out the chunks that i do remem­ber. there are these uber­men­sch aliens with, of course, supe­ri­or tech­nol­o­gy such as these sleek sin­gle per­son rock­et­ships that are invis­i­ble when wet (which explains why they park the damn things in the swim­ming pool). They also have this mind pow­er that is not quite telepa­thy but instead con­veys emo­tion in such a spe­cif­ic way that it might as well be speech but func­tions bet­ter than speech. When they do it your head/vision is filled with this blue/white lava stuff that is real­ly cool to watch. there is an unof­fi­cial group of friends (the only aliens in my dream are from this group) who are inter­est­ed par­ties in the sal­va­tion of our species. we are stereo­typ­i­cal­ly on the verge of destroy­ing our­selves and we have also drawn the ire of the group of bad aliens (who I haven’t had the priv­i­lege of meet­ing yet). This is because of the vague­ly psy­chohis­tor­i­cal prophe­cy that our species is going to do some­thing either to or for the uni­verse and this group doesn’t want it to hap­pen for it will threat­en their posi­tion (good enough rea­son to wipe out a race, eh?) Osten­si­bly, the friend­ly groups of aliens won’t tell me what the prophe­cy is in fear that it will negate its pos­si­bil­i­ty. Also, for rea­sons unknown they have cho­sen me as their hero, except i’m not real­ly me, instead i’m a hero­ic and infi­nite­ly deter­mined ver­sion of myself. i’m also part alien myself but of course, i’m also igno­rant to my own ori­gins. i also have a reg­u­lar human girl­friend who isn’t real­ly a side­kick, more like we are the team the aliens need to foil the plot of the bad aliens. the rea­sons the aliens can’t do it them­selves is due to the fact that the only ones pos­sess­ing destruc­tive tech are the bad guys.

thats all i can call to mind right now, next time i have it i’ll let you know any­thing new.