Recurring Dream

well, i have a new recurring dream. i’m glad too because it is a damn interesting one. my recurring dreams are always action/adventure stories. this one is a bit different in that it has a science-fiction twist. of course, i don’t remember all of the details but i’ll give out the chunks that i do remember. there are these ubermensch aliens with, of course, superior technology such as these sleek single person rocketships that are invisible when wet (which explains why they park the damn things in the swimming pool). They also have this mind power that is not quite telepathy but instead conveys emotion in such a specific way that it might as well be speech but functions better than speech. When they do it your head/vision is filled with this blue/white lava stuff that is really cool to watch. there is an unofficial group of friends (the only aliens in my dream are from this group) who are interested parties in the salvation of our species. we are stereotypically on the verge of destroying ourselves and we have also drawn the ire of the group of bad aliens (who I haven’t had the privilege of meeting yet). This is because of the vaguely psychohistorical prophecy that our species is going to do something either to or for the universe and this group doesn’t want it to happen for it will threaten their position (good enough reason to wipe out a race, eh?) Ostensibly, the friendly groups of aliens won’t tell me what the prophecy is in fear that it will negate its possibility. Also, for reasons unknown they have chosen me as their hero, except i’m not really me, instead i’m a heroic and infinitely determined version of myself. i’m also part alien myself but of course, i’m also ignorant to my own origins. i also have a regular human girlfriend who isn’t really a sidekick, more like we are the team the aliens need to foil the plot of the bad aliens. the reasons the aliens can’t do it themselves is due to the fact that the only ones possessing destructive tech are the bad guys.

thats all i can call to mind right now, next time i have it i’ll let you know anything new.