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E. E. Cummings on Winter

ladies and genteel men, i give you…winter! ~ s( these out of in finite no where,who;arrive s trollingly :alight whitely and. )now flakes:are;guests;of t wi ligh t ~ the above poem brought to you by e.e. cummings. its snowing!


who loves the hidden sides of ourselves? if we give us a compliment on expressed activity why do we demur, or give backhanded gratitude? why then do we get blue when our bushelbasketed talents wither in obscurity? why is it so hard to express love and the things of consequence to each other? why do […]

Assembly of Vice Versa

last night i put together an assembly of the rushes for Vice Versa. i think today we’ll probably watch them in class. I’m pretty sure the rest of class time is going to be spent watching clips. and talking about clips. or listening to Bill talk about clips. in minute and downward spiraling detail. i’d […]

Slipping Beauty

-she looked up at me over her falafel and told me about her plans for spain. lots of literature it sounds like, and a film class that counts for literature. i wish i could read her. it is so easy spending time idly catching up and its true, as she says, that when we are […]

Last Home Game

my last home game as a senior at Notre Dame has just ended. right now i am sobbing my eyes out. no longer will i be able to experience the unity and spirit of the student section at a home game as a member of the student body. as much as i have hated it […]

I’ve Got to Move Out of This Neighborhood

Before we get to the mp3 i’ve got some news. my good friend Meagan painted me this sweet ass watercolor from Lord of the Rings, Its when Sam helps Frodo out of the water after Old Man Willow has entranced them. Its farking badass. I have one and you don’t so there. also, here are […]

Too Much Work

i spent my birthday asleep. i went to bed at 9:30. maybe i am depressed. i have three weeks to complete 22 pages of papers and to edit my 16mm film. my day began at 8am and will end at 1am tomorrow morning. i went to schedule a haircut for sometime next week and then […]

22nd Anniversary of My Birth

22 years ago there was a full moon. today there is a full moon. 22 years a puling infant of unimaginable scrawniness began his orbital path back to his beginnings. today a cynical gangly flamboyantly secretive man continues running around in circles ‘cuz he’s used to it. 22 years ago no one had any idea […]


senioritis has officially made its appearence. well, actually its been more like a rash that has slowly spread during the course of the semester. its definitely the workload that is causing it. Intermediate Film Production should be a 6 credit class. there is so much that i don’t want to do, i’m not sure if […]


i’m back! my performance was less than acceptable. bagels suck. ’twill not happen again. i’m not the type to do exceptionally in an individual competition anyway. if teammates are around i am more focused. overall the team did rather well, my captain won for men’s epe and Alicja won for women’s foil. most of the […]


FIN! no more shooting! now i can just concentrate on the fun part, editing. I won’t be updating friday, saturday, or sunday because i am going to Penn State to the Max Garrett Invitational for fencing. i am going to kick some lily-white nittany ass. so in honor of my victory to be i give […]

Busy Bee

i’m still not quite done yet. i’ve several more hours of filming to do today as well as a paper to write. last night i finally got a bit of time to myself at around 10:30pm when i ate my subway dinner. then i passed out on my bed. after today, everything calms down, at […]

Early Film Shoot

at around 2am this morning i woke up a little bit anxious. ok, alot anxious. my film shoot was to begin at 4:30 but the anxiety came first. i lay in bed while my mind raced and worried for an hour and then some. i dozed. at 3:45 i got up went to the bathroom […]

Go Fish

i’ve been playing Halo way too much for my own good. i’m getting much better though, enough so that when i play multiplayer i can actually contribute a little bit instead of sucking. i still need to become more maneuverable though. we are shooting again today for my film and more all this next week. […]

Incessant Ideology

specifically, i’m discussing the intricate dynamics of incessant ideology. booby traps and deadman’s curve. it can drive one mad weaving through the gnashing rhetorics of politicality. supposedly motivated by justice, that bedlam beldame, in truth reality my opinion she’s just in it for the sexy bare-chested blindness that gets her attention. are you picking up […]

Did It.

I got permission to be in Advanced Poetry Writing. I had to submit a 5 poem manuscript to do so. Here is the email from the prof: Dear Adam, You can print this out and take it to Kim in the English department as permission to register for Engl 402, Advanced Writing. I’ll look forward […]

Monkey Impression

when it comes to impersonating a Great Ape of the order Primates i am king. i can be a wonderful monkey. it helps that i gangle more than most people and have the emotional development of a juvenile lemur. i’ve got aggressive/excited Gorilla behavior down to a science. i’ve got my standard excited hopping around/pantomime […]

Fencing Lesson

yeah, well i’m outta control. i’ve also got this embarassing personal problem that i’ve had for several weeks now. its uncomfortable and makes me very self-conscious. and i don;t know how to fix it apart from going to the doctor. and i don’t have time for that. the above was just filler until i could […]

I Have No Idea What This Is About

there was dialogue at one point. something to do with the Future…or perhaps Contributions to Society. whatever it was, it was heavy. at least I think so. she would relate to me her insecurities about how to Contribute while still being able to do what she wanted to make her happy, or fulfilled or something. […]

Poetry Writing 402

apparently if i want to get into Advanced Poetry Writing 402 I need to submit 5 poems to the prof for her perusal and judgementation. i sifted through the pigsty last night and tried to decide if i had 5 pearls to send her. i scrabbled some sort of semblance together. Meagan thinks i should […]