22nd Anniversary of My Birth

22 years ago there was a full moon. today there is a full moon. 22 years a puling infant of unimaginable scrawniness began his orbital path back to his beginnings. today a cynical gangly flamboyantly secretive man continues running around in circles ‘cuz he’s used to it. 22 years ago no one had any idea i would be here. 22 years from then, i have no idea where i’m at. in 22 years what have i accomplished? you know what, that shit doesn’t matter.

after 22 years i think i know what is important. my family, beauty, truth, freedom, love, music, dancing, curiosity, imagination, dogs, cats, wind, leaves, teammates, friends, water, books, poetry, knowledge, determination, humor, silence, laughter, now, awareness.

things that are not important: things, dominance, physical strength, heirarchy, death, tomorrow, yesterday, today, fame, honor, pride, passivity, rhetoric.

happy birthday to me.