22nd Anniversary of My Birth

22 years ago there was a full moon. today there is a full moon. 22 years a pul­ing infant of unimag­in­able scrawni­ness began his orbital path back to his begin­nings. today a cyn­i­cal gan­g­ly flam­boy­ant­ly secre­tive man con­tin­ues run­ning around in cir­cles ‘cuz he’s used to it. 22 years ago no one had any idea i would be here. 22 years from then, i have no idea where i’m at. in 22 years what have i accom­plished? you know what, that shit doesn’t mat­ter.

after 22 years i think i know what is impor­tant. my fam­i­ly, beau­ty, truth, free­dom, love, music, danc­ing, curios­i­ty, imag­i­na­tion, dogs, cats, wind, leaves, team­mates, friends, water, books, poet­ry, knowl­edge, deter­mi­na­tion, humor, silence, laugh­ter, now, aware­ness.

things that are not impor­tant: things, dom­i­nance, phys­i­cal strength, heirar­chy, death, tomor­row, yes­ter­day, today, fame, hon­or, pride, pas­siv­i­ty, rhetoric.

hap­py birth­day to me.