Busy Bee

i’m still not quite done yet. i’ve several more hours of filming to do today as well as a paper to write. last night i finally got a bit of time to myself at around 10:30pm when i ate my subway dinner. then i passed out on my bed. after today, everything calms down, at least until monday. i also have to register for my next semester classes today. i’m skipping my film noir class to type this paper and i hope i don’t forget to register. i’ve also got a team meeting at 6 that i must go to. i hope i don’t forget about that either.

in other news, an underexposed picture of me can be found randomly on the ND homepage or the permanent version can be accessed here. I am running errands for the Anthro department and i have a box of brochures on the handcart behind the girl that you probably can’t see. i enjoy splitting clauses to create confusion. and using alliteration to allude to it.