Did It.

I got permission to be in Advanced Poetry Writing. I had to submit a 5 poem manuscript to do so. Here is the email from the prof:

Dear Adam,

You can print this out and take it to Kim in the English department as permission to register for Engl 402, Advanced Writing. I’ll look forward to meeting you.

The Prof.

Now, in my happiness, i will analyze the above email.

  1. Dear Adam: This means my poems have made me dear to her heart.
  2. You can print this out…department: She is giving me permission to gloat over my preferred status to the underlings in the English Department. Apparently, Kim in particular is on her shit list and i should make sure to gloat even more to her. Perhaps Kim wasn’t GOOD enough to be in the class.
  3. Permission…Writing: Another statement giving evidence to my elite status.
  4. I’ll look forward to meeting you: Apparently she believes i can teach HER something about poetry.