senioritis has officially made its appearence. well, actually its been more like a rash that has slowly spread during the course of the semester. its definitely the workload that is causing it. Intermediate Film Production should be a 6 credit class. there is so much that i don’t want to do, i’m not sure if i even have enough time to procrastinate from all of it.

i did sorta start a paper yesterday. but i have a quiz today i haven’t even studied for. but i don’t really care, i’m going to pass the class. what i need to do is search for a job. what i did instead was post links to my student films in the album. i want to be taking my english classes next semester. Film Noir has exhausted my interest and Cinema Ideologies is now in the repetitive stage. i want to be in a new and stimulating place with a job that doesn’t require 14 hour days and lets me have some down time.

i’m not depressed, just tired.

oh yeah, and, i’m getting lonely again.