Too Much Work

i spent my birthday asleep. i went to bed at 9:30. maybe i am depressed. i have three weeks to complete 22 pages of papers and to edit my 16mm film. my day began at 8am and will end at 1am tomorrow morning. i went to schedule a haircut for sometime next week and then went to the library to watch the movie i missed on sunday because my film noir teacher forgets students have other things to do besides his class and assigned an extra screening. either that or i was going to watch a film for my 10 page film noir paper and presentation that he also is having us do. too bad the library doesn’t have either film. wtf is that shit? so i wasted 40 minutes walking to and from the library. i also have editing to do the only available time in the editing room is from 10pm-1am today, this is because 6 other intermediate projects and 4 advanced projects all have to use the same 4 steenbecks. 11 film projects + regular classtime + partner’s schedule – Advanced class priority / 4 Steenbecks = late night editing for me. I just want my fucking degree.