Too Much Work

i spent my birth­day asleep. i went to bed at 9:30. maybe i am de­pressed. i have three weeks to com­plete 22 pages of pa­pers and to ed­it my 16mm film. my day be­gan at 8am and will end at 1am to­mor­row morn­ing. i went to sched­ule a hair­cut for some­time next week and then went to the li­brary to watch the movie i missed on sun­day be­cause my film noir teacher for­gets stu­dents have oth­er things to do be­sides his class and as­signed an ex­tra screen­ing. ei­ther that or i was go­ing to watch a film for my 10 page film noir pa­per and pre­sen­ta­tion that he al­so is hav­ing us do. too bad the li­brary doesn’t have ei­ther film. wtf is that shit? so i wast­ed 40 min­utes walk­ing to and from the li­brary. i al­so have edit­ing to do the on­ly avail­able time in the edit­ing room is from 10pm-1am to­day, this is be­cause 6 oth­er in­ter­me­di­ate projects and 4 ad­vanced projects all have to use the same 4 steen­becks. 11 film projects + reg­u­lar classtime + partner’s sched­ule — Advanced class pri­or­i­ty /​ 4 Steenbecks = late night edit­ing for me. I just want my fuck­ing de­gree.