Film Noir Gone Away

Film Noir is out of the way. some­how i man­aged to get an A on my bigass paper which counts for 25% of my grade. appar­ent­ly i was ‘provoca­tive.’ not a word that i think is usu­al­ly applied to me. maybe the prof was just try­ing to hit on me. i received a dis­tinc­tive not straight vibe from him over the semes­ter. he and his wife are strange folk. they nev­er show each oth­er affec­tion or even joke around, i think they just get off on lik­ing movies togeth­er. but that’s gross. pret­ty much most of my film class thinks he is an erot­ic dis­si­dent. all i know is that he is bor­ing as all hell. I real­ly like this poem by Richard Brauti­gan.