The Vines

Friday, 31 January 2003

So plenty of people think that The Vines sound just like Nirvana. I can see what they mean. Plenty of people also agree that Creed sounds just like Pearl Jam. I agree with them. Why do I like The Vines and abhor Creed? Perhaps its because every Creed song sounds the same, or perhaps the fact that Creed is copying a band that is still around. or maybe i’m a pompous ass and i don’t like them merely because plenty of other people do.

I’m fine with The Vines, as I’ve said before. Like, 4 sentences ago. Their songs are recognizably The Vines while exploring the different possibilities of their sound. You might have heard “Get Free” getting radio time as their single, but I like “Homesick” personally.

Some Favorite Things

Wednesday, 29 January 2003

A selection of my favorite things:

  • a warm bed
  • showers
  • fencing
  • letters in the mail
  • poetry
  • an unread book
  • fresh socks
  • tall glasses of cold water
  • spontaneous hugs
  • massages
  • witticism

What are your favorite things?

Job Market

Tuesday, 28 January 2003

today i attempt to secure employment. there is this career fair thing. the smithsonian is going to be there. also a bunch of businesses, and the CIA. its rather sad that only businesses really actively recruit people. places that i would love to work like the smithsonian like you to come to them. i’m not too good at going to people. i don’t really want to work for the CIA. or honeywell or budget rent-​a-​car or target. no. i really don’t.

i just might have to.

Cold Everest

Monday, 27 January 2003

’tis currently 1° outside my window. coupled with the wind chill and the weight of my fencing bag, i am not looking forward to the 20 minute walk to work today. i haven’t been outside for about 24 hours but i still feel like pretty much any old guy from a Jack London short story. Lost in the Yukon, in weather so cold spit freezes before it hits the ground and me with nary a match to start a fire. so i slowly describe how i freeze to death in agonizing fashion. or maybe i feel like that guy who climbed everest, went snowblind and froze to the mountain. people came and looked at him, assumed he was dead and left to pick him up later. the only thing is, he could see them but not communicate because he was frozen. somehow, he managed to start moving and made it back to base camp. he lost his arms, legs, ears, tip of the nose, pretty much anything that sticks out. i think i would’ve just stayed on the mountain.

i think i heard somewhere that Everest is so high that sometimes the jet stream will dip down and knock people off. i can just picture that crotchety old North wind with his distended cheeks leering as another climber is puffed off the mountain like so much dryer lint.

OSU Recap

Saturday, 25 January 2003

The men are 6 – 0, the women 5 – 1. I was 3 – 2 over the weekend. Always could’ve done better. Got most of my homework done. must prepare for career fair. pictures.

Jurassic 5

Friday, 24 January 2003

Student Film Festival was last night. ’twas excellent. leaving in a few hours to fence at OSU and kick some buckeye ass.

The Friday mp3

I’m not too big on rap, yet I like Jurassic 5. They rap with an old school flavor that in a way that is refreshing from crap stuff like Nelly or Nellie or eminem or M&M or Method Man or Red Man or Colostomy Man just to name a few. i haven’t done my research but i have a feeling they started out as a freestyle rap group along the lines of Freeway. It’s nice. Anyway, here’s What’s Golden.

The Bell Jar

Thursday, 23 January 2003

I finished The Bell Jar last night. I can’t really say that it blew me away. The obvious autobiographical references to Plath’s own life were rather…obvious, and the depiction of mental decay and rebirth didn’t do much for me either. Granted, since the narrator is the crazy one, the narrative is going to be colored by and twisted by hestitancy and outright refusal to tell us everything. For instance, Esther hates Buddy Willard. But if you think about the times you actually meet Buddy he’s not that bad of a guy. I didn’t like the asylum bits either. they seemed clich , perhaps this is because of my distance from when people still got shock treatments. of course they are horrible. also, since it is set in the ber-​restrictive and conservative post-​war years, the McCarthyite era, the proper things to do etc. that Esther has problems with just bored me. things have changed, but The Bell Jar hasn’t. it is one of those works that is radical for its time but seems stuffy and whiny to us young’uns.

i think i don’t like it because it is too attached to the time it was written. now it seems a period piece, and the ‘50s are kitschy that anything about them doesn’t interest me much.