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The Vines

So plenty of people think that The Vines sound just like Nirvana. I can see what they mean. Plenty of people also agree that Creed sounds just like Pearl Jam. I agree with them. Why do I like The Vines and abhor Creed? Perhaps its because every Creed song sounds the same, or perhaps the […]

Some Favorite Things

A selection of my favorite things: a warm bed showers fencing letters in the mail poetry an unread book fresh socks tall glasses of cold water spontaneous hugs massages witticism What are your favorite things?

Job Market

today i attempt to secure employment. there is this career fair thing. the smithsonian is going to be there. also a bunch of businesses, and the CIA. its rather sad that only businesses really actively recruit people. places that i would love to work like the smithsonian like you to come to them. i’m not […]

Cold Everest

’tis currently 1° outside my window. coupled with the wind chill and the weight of my fencing bag, i am not looking forward to the 20 minute walk to work today. i haven’t been outside for about 24 hours but i still feel like pretty much any old guy from a Jack London short story. […]

OSU Recap

The men are 6-0, the women 5-1. I was 3-2 over the weekend. Always could’ve done better. Got most of my homework done. must prepare for career fair. pictures.

Jurassic 5

Student Film Festival was last night. ’twas excellent. leaving in a few hours to fence at OSU and kick some buckeye ass. The Friday mp3 I’m not too big on rap, yet I like Jurassic 5. They rap with an old school flavor that in a way that is refreshing from crap stuff like Nelly […]

The Bell Jar

I finished The Bell Jar last night. I can’t really say that it blew me away. The obvious autobiographical references to Plath’s own life were rather…obvious, and the depiction of mental decay and rebirth didn’t do much for me either. Granted, since the narrator is the crazy one, the narrative is going to be colored […]

Where Did the Weight Go?

i don’t put on weight very well, so this is of utmost import. since the end of last semester i have gained 10 pounds. i am now a 6’2″ 170 pounder. the only problem is that i cannot figure out where it went. my proportions are all the same, i still don’t have a hind […]


Since today is the busiest day of my week i’m just going to give you my homework assignment for my poetry writing class. the assignment: Write a poem in the third person about an event external to you. The even does not have to be famous or on a large scale. (Do not write about […]

Blast from the Past

One of the guys in my section Freshman year sent me this email the other day. Hey Harv, I know that I don’t talk to you much any more, and we didn’t really talk much once I moved out of 4B, but I figured that I needed to send you this email. The other day, […]

Y Tu Mama Tambien

after seeing Y tu Mam Tambien last evening i decided to go with a song by nonpoint called orgullo. that’s spanish for pride. the whole song is in spanish, so i only understand one word in ten but it still kicks ass. as for the movie, its been awhile since i’ve seen unorthodox editing and […]

First Impressions of Last Classes II

O’Shaughnessy Hall, the crumbling hub of Arts & Letters at Notre Dame, is always plastered with posters, flyers, and announcements of upcoming events. A constant presence are the flyers that the Foreign Language Departments post in an effort to get more students to take those classes. Most of them run along these lines: Benjamin Franklin […]

First Impressions of Last Classes

Irish Cinema Culture: the professor is a veritable well of irish vernacular. i know very little about irish cinema, but i’m familiar with the concepts he wants us to utilize. i believe this class will be a better example of a combined anthro/film class than the one i took last semester. tonight we watch When […]

Patron Saint

as you know, if you read this piece of dung with any semblance of regularity, i am crazy. i also fence. last night at mass instead of listening to the eucharistic prayer which i have heard probably around 2,000 times in my life i got to thinking. is there a patron saint for swords? so […]


Bulletmania! I’ve played The Two Towers video game. B+ (the levels are too short). This post by Mr. Oblivio is great. My Uncle Corbin is here for the ND v. Seton Hall game and will be feeding me shortly. She called my house last night but I was already up here. I suck. This semester […]

Causal Deity Phantasies

i had one of those dreams last night where nothing and no one exists unless your dream persona thinks about it. I call these dreams when I have them Causal Deity Phantasies. Actually i just made that up now but it still works. i’m basically a causality god in these dreams and my dreamconcious decisions […]

Last Course Load

in less than a week i begin my final semester as an undergraduate. the clich about college flying by holds true. i’ll probably be pseudo-nostalgic bordering on cathartic testimonial regarding my college career often in the next few months. but thats not the real reason i’m writing this. actually it is 11:20pm yesterday and i […]

4 Barebones Movie Reviews

4 barebones movie reviews: Le Pacte des Loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf) This French film is often compared to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and it is similar insofar as the fight sequences are well choreographed by Tak-ngai Yeung and shot in the Hong Kong style. It was also flamboyantly edited by another Asian, David Wu. […]

Nausea II

I don’t listen to them anymore: they annoy me. They’re going to sleep together. They know it. Each one knows that the other knows it. But since they are young, chaste and decent, since each one wants to keep his self- respect and that of the other, since love is a great poetic thing which […]

Full Immersion

i used to think that when i finally met the girl of my dreams she would be one to know everything about me. every last detail. i realize now that is bull. i don’t really think anyone truly wants to know everything about someone else. after all, most people have trouble trying to know everything […]


upon rereading Nausea i am interested in the existentialist take on regret. Roquentin seems less alienated to me than he did the last time i visited him, instead he seems more concerned with what used to be and what has changed. he does not accept this change to Nausea and mourns for his past. is […]

Crossroads of Twilight

Robert Jordan’s newest Crossroads of Twilight will be released on the seventh. and i must say that i am ready. since i started his Wheel of Time series in 1994 and it offers very few signs of impending closure, i have become slightly impatient and perturbed and even at times apathetic regarding the series. it […]

3 Movies

For New Year’s Eve I just stayed home with mom. Watched 3 movies: Stolen Summer; The Count of Monte Cristo; Chocolat. Today I watched ND lose. bah!