The Vines

Friday, 31 January 2003

So plen­ty of peo­ple think that The Vines sound just like Nirvana. I can see what they mean. Plenty of peo­ple al­so agree that Creed sounds just like Pearl Jam. I agree with them. Why do I like The Vines and ab­hor Creed? Perhaps its be­cause every Creed song sounds the same, or per­haps the fact that Creed is copy­ing a band that is still around. or maybe i’m a pompous ass and i don’t like them mere­ly be­cause plen­ty of oth­er peo­ple do.

I’m fine with The Vines, as I’ve said be­fore. Like, 4 sen­tences ago. Their songs are rec­og­niz­ably The Vines while ex­plor­ing the dif­fer­ent pos­si­bil­i­ties of their sound. You might have heard “Get Free” get­ting ra­dio time as their sin­gle, but I like “Homesick” per­son­al­ly.

Some Favorite Things

Wednesday, 29 January 2003

A se­lec­tion of my fa­vorite things:

  • a warm bed
  • show­ers
  • fenc­ing
  • let­ters in the mail
  • po­et­ry
  • an un­read book
  • fresh socks
  • tall glass­es of cold wa­ter
  • spon­ta­neous hugs
  • mas­sages
  • wit­ti­cism

What are your fa­vorite things?

Job Market

Tuesday, 28 January 2003

to­day i at­tempt to se­cure em­ploy­ment. there is this ca­reer fair thing. the smith­son­ian is go­ing to be there. al­so a bunch of busi­ness­es, and the CIA. its rather sad that on­ly busi­ness­es re­al­ly ac­tive­ly re­cruit peo­ple. places that i would love to work like the smith­son­ian like you to come to them. i’m not too good at go­ing to peo­ple. i don’t re­al­ly want to work for the CIA. or hon­ey­well or bud­get rent-a-car or tar­get. no. i re­al­ly don’t.

i just might have to.

Cold Everest

Monday, 27 January 2003

’tis cur­rent­ly 1° out­side my win­dow. cou­pled with the wind chill and the weight of my fenc­ing bag, i am not look­ing for­ward to the 20 minute walk to work to­day. i haven’t been out­side for about 24 hours but i still feel like pret­ty much any old guy from a Jack London short sto­ry. Lost in the Yukon, in weath­er so cold spit freezes be­fore it hits the ground and me with nary a match to start a fire. so i slow­ly de­scribe how i freeze to death in ag­o­niz­ing fash­ion. or maybe i feel like that guy who climbed ever­est, went snow­blind and froze to the moun­tain. peo­ple came and looked at him, as­sumed he was dead and left to pick him up lat­er. the on­ly thing is, he could see them but not com­mu­ni­cate be­cause he was frozen. some­how, he man­aged to start mov­ing and made it back to base camp. he lost his arms, legs, ears, tip of the nose, pret­ty much any­thing that sticks out. i think i would’ve just stayed on the moun­tain.

i think i heard some­where that Everest is so high that some­times the jet stream will dip down and knock peo­ple off. i can just pic­ture that crotch­ety old North wind with his dis­tend­ed cheeks leer­ing as an­oth­er climber is puffed off the moun­tain like so much dry­er lint.

OSU Recap

Saturday, 25 January 2003

The men are 6 – 0, the women 5 – 1. I was 3 – 2 over the week­end. Always could’ve done bet­ter. Got most of my home­work done. must pre­pare for ca­reer fair. pic­tures.

Jurassic 5

Friday, 24 January 2003

Student Film Festival was last night. ’twas ex­cel­lent. leav­ing in a few hours to fence at OSU and kick some buck­eye ass.

The Friday mp3

I’m not too big on rap, yet I like Jurassic 5. They rap with an old school fla­vor that in a way that is re­fresh­ing from crap stuff like Nelly or Nellie or em­inem or M&M or Method Man or Red Man or Colostomy Man just to name a few. i haven’t done my re­search but i have a feel­ing they start­ed out as a freestyle rap group along the lines of Freeway. It’s nice. Anyway, here’s What’s Golden.

The Bell Jar

Thursday, 23 January 2003

I fin­ished The Bell Jar last night. I can’t re­al­ly say that it blew me away. The ob­vi­ous au­to­bi­o­graph­i­cal ref­er­ences to Plath’s own life were rather…obvious, and the de­pic­tion of men­tal de­cay and re­birth didn’t do much for me ei­ther. Granted, since the nar­ra­tor is the crazy one, the nar­ra­tive is go­ing to be col­ored by and twist­ed by hes­ti­tan­cy and out­right re­fusal to tell us every­thing. For in­stance, Esther hates Buddy Willard. But if you think about the times you ac­tu­al­ly meet Buddy he’s not that bad of a guy. I didn’t like the asy­lum bits ei­ther. they seemed clich , per­haps this is be­cause of my dis­tance from when peo­ple still got shock treat­ments. of course they are hor­ri­ble. al­so, since it is set in the ber-re­stric­tive and con­ser­v­a­tive post-war years, the McCarthyite era, the prop­er things to do etc. that Esther has prob­lems with just bored me. things have changed, but The Bell Jar hasn’t. it is one of those works that is rad­i­cal for its time but seems stuffy and whiny to us young’uns.

i think i don’t like it be­cause it is too at­tached to the time it was writ­ten. now it seems a pe­ri­od piece, and the ‘50s are kitschy that any­thing about them doesn’t in­ter­est me much.