Causal Deity Phantasies

i had one of those dreams last night where noth­ing and no one ex­ists un­less your dream per­sona thinks about it. I call these dreams when I have them Causal Deity Phantasies. Actually i just made that up now but it still works. i’m ba­si­cal­ly a causal­i­ty god in these dreams and my dream­con­cious de­ci­sions be­come dream­tan­gi­ble.

so my dream: i was at my house, a dream­con­struc­tion of the house i live in. ex­cept it is not a house i’ve ever seen be­fore. its re­al­ly long and nar­row and made of stuc­co. the on­ly win­dows are re­al­ly high up and there is a low run of bush­es around it. my dri­ve­way is split long­ways in­to half dri­ve and half in­ground swim­ming dream­pool. and i’m swim­ming naked in this pool. then i re­al­ize that the i’m skin­ny dip­ping in plain view of all of my neigh­bors. or would be if there were any­one around. it is dead silent apart from my own wa­tery chops and plash­es. the world is al­so full of that even mild yel­low dream­light.

the hous­es across the street don’t mat­ter. i’ve one to ei­ther side of mine own and one to the back. fac­ing my split drive/​pool to the right is a 2-sto­ry Typical 1950 Family Dwelling™ in it lives this man. be­hind me in a chain-linked fenced in yard is a ranch style house. lives here. to the left is a weed-filled yard and a du­plex. lives in the side clos­est to me. the oth­er half of the du­plex doesn’t mat­ter.

i walk to the back­yard, ful­ly clothed as sud­den­ly as on­ly dream­me­an­der­ing can do. a mid-sized dog barks it­self wild try­ing to scare me. a pinky­blue ball bounces across my yard. there is wind.

the dream ends. in­ter­pret please.