Causal Deity Phantasies

i had one of those dreams last night where nothing and no one exists unless your dream persona thinks about it. I call these dreams when I have them Causal Deity Phantasies. Actually i just made that up now but it still works. i’m basically a causality god in these dreams and my dreamconcious decisions become dreamtangible.

so my dream: i was at my house, a dreamconstruction of the house i live in. except it is not a house i’ve ever seen before. its really long and narrow and made of stucco. the only windows are really high up and there is a low run of bushes around it. my driveway is split longways into half drive and half inground swimming dreampool. and i’m swimming naked in this pool. then i realize that the i’m skinny dipping in plain view of all of my neighbors. or would be if there were anyone around. it is dead silent apart from my own watery chops and plashes. the world is also full of that even mild yellow dreamlight.

the houses across the street don’t matter. i’ve one to either side of mine own and one to the back. facing my split drive/​pool to the right is a 2-​story Typical 1950 Family Dwelling™ in it lives this man. behind me in a chain-​linked fenced in yard is a ranch style house. lives here. to the left is a weed-​filled yard and a duplex. lives in the side closest to me. the other half of the duplex doesn’t matter.

i walk to the backyard, fully clothed as suddenly as only dreammeandering can do. a mid-​sized dog barks itself wild trying to scare me. a pinkyblue ball bounces across my yard. there is wind.

the dream ends. interpret please.