Crossroads of Twilight

Robert Jordan’s newest Cross­roads of Twi­light will be released on the sev­enth. and i must say that i am ready. since i start­ed his Wheel of Time series in 1994 and it offers very few signs of impend­ing clo­sure, i have become slight­ly impa­tient and per­turbed and even at times apa­thet­ic regard­ing the series. it has tak­en so long for him to write it that i have out­grown my teenage nerd inter­est in the series. that doesn’t mean how­ev­er, that i won’t fin­ish it. i’ve invest­ed enough time and cash into pur­chas­ing and read­ing the books that i must fin­ish what i have begun. i just wish Robert Jor­dan could do the same. the first four books in the series were very engag­ing but he has sput­tered ever since, i think, because he is try­ing to stretch the sto­ry into a few more books to make a few more bucks. i’m expect­ing to be dis­ap­point­ed. hope­ful­ly i’ll be wrong.