First Impressions of Last Classes II

O’Shaughnessy Hall, the crumbling hub of Arts & Letters at Notre Dame, is always plastered with posters, flyers, and announcements of upcoming events. A constant presence are the flyers that the Foreign Language Departments post in an effort to get more students to take those classes.

Most of them run along these lines: Benjamin Franklin Spoke Italian, Shouldn’t You? with a picture of old syphilitic Benny to highlight the point. That or, Reason #348 to Learn French: It’s spoken in Fiji.

Someone I very much would like to meet has finally retaliated to these banal attempts to enculturate us. For one glorious day before they were torn down O’Shaughnessy was covered with similar posters that this time said: George W. Bush Speaks American. Shouldn’t You?

The Rest of My Classes:

Poetry: I sat in the room and watched girl after girl after girl come in. Finally some dudes showed up as well, 4 guys, 16 girls, 2 poems a week. not bad at all.

Otherworldly Lit: Full of the scariest type of dork, ones who are rabidly eager to display their amount of knowledge regarding Lord of the Rings. They are peons to the vast wealth of my trivia though.