Last Course Load

in less than a week i be­gin my fi­nal se­mes­ter as an un­der­grad­u­ate. the clich about col­lege fly­ing by holds true. i’ll prob­a­bly be pseu­do-nos­tal­gic bor­der­ing on cathar­tic tes­ti­mo­ni­al re­gard­ing my col­lege ca­reer of­ten in the next few months. but thats not the re­al rea­son i’m writ­ing this. ac­tu­al­ly it is 11:20pm yes­ter­day and i am ma­ni­a­cal­ly bored. here is a link for ya. all pub­lic­i­ty is mere­ly a ploy to get some sort of val­i­da­tion to help me im­prove up­on my strange form of self-dep­re­cat­ing ar­ro­gance.

Some more Bullets:

  • Advanced Poetry Writing (ooh look! it says ADVANCED! that is sup­posed to make me feel like i am bet­ter than you.)
  • C.S. Lewis, Tolkien and the Inklings (three dips of Cherry Cordial ice cream)
  • Fictions of Insanity (the class­room was orig­i­nal­ly in the se­cu­ri­ty build­ing, ap­pro­pri­ate, no?)
  • Film Theory (high-con­cept hoo-ha)
  • Irish Cinema (re­quired for­eign cin­e­ma class, the on­ly one of­fered in the last two years)

in­ci­den­tal­ly that is my last course load from col­lege. i said i was go­ing to be nos­tal­gic. are you im­pressed that i am nos­tal­gic over some­thing i haven’t even done yet?