Last Course Load

in less than a week i begin my final semester as an undergraduate. the clich about college flying by holds true. i’ll probably be pseudo-​nostalgic bordering on cathartic testimonial regarding my college career often in the next few months. but thats not the real reason i’m writing this. actually it is 11:20pm yesterday and i am maniacally bored. here is a link for ya. all publicity is merely a ploy to get some sort of validation to help me improve upon my strange form of self-​deprecating arrogance.

Some more Bullets:

  • Advanced Poetry Writing (ooh look! it says ADVANCED! that is supposed to make me feel like i am better than you.)
  • C.S. Lewis, Tolkien and the Inklings (three dips of Cherry Cordial ice cream)
  • Fictions of Insanity (the classroom was originally in the security building, appropriate, no?)
  • Film Theory (high-​concept hoo-​ha)
  • Irish Cinema (required foreign cinema class, the only one offered in the last two years)

incidentally that is my last course load from college. i said i was going to be nostalgic. are you impressed that i am nostalgic over something i haven’t even done yet?